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Ms. Benson 7 chp. 7

study stack

nomad a person who moves from place to place
Confucianism belief system based on the ideas of Confucius
Buddhism Indian religion based on the beliefs of Siddhartha Gautama
Daoism a belief system that seeks harmony with nature and with inner feelings
reunify to bring a group together after it has been divided
Imperial related to an Empire
bureaucracy government divided into compartments (DMV, Department of Education)
scholar-official educated person with a government position or job
Wood block printing using engraved wooden blocks with enough characters to pint an entire page
movable type small block of metal or wood with a single raised character
porcelain hard white ceramic used for art, dishes, bowls,..
Genghis Khan Mongol ruler who conquered Northern China and Central Asia
Kublai Khan Mongol ruler who controlled all of China
Mongol Ascendancy period of Mongol control of Central Asia
Marco Polo Venetian trader who stayed in China for 17 years
Forbidden City Imperial family's walled palaces in Beijing
Maritime related to the sea
tribute payment made by one country to another as a sign of respect
Zheng He Admiral who led a huge Chinese fleet on seven voyages
Manchus people from the region northeast of China who founded the Qing Dynasty
When a dynasty is believed to be chosen by heaven? Mandate of Heaven
Dynasty that fell because of corruption, food shortages, and nomadic invasions resulting in 361 years of chaos. Han
Chinese belief system based on morality, order, and mutual respect in relationships. Confucianism
Belief system Chinese adopted to deal with suffering during China's period of chaos> Buddhism
What place did Buddhism originally come from? India
How did Wendi of the Sui Dynasty reunify China once again? By conquest; brought back old political traditions
How did the Tang emperors unify China even more? Reduced conflict by allowing people to follow their own belief systems; built roads and canals that helped link regions with China
The repeating pattern of one dynasty after another gaining and the losing the Mandate of Heaven? Dynastic Cycle
Wealthy people chosen by the Han, Sui, and Tang Dynasty to help run government? Aristocrats (Upper Class/Wealthy)
People who were educated and had to take an exam to be able to work in the China bureaucracy? Upper class/Wealthy Scholar-officials
Government workers hired by the Mongol rulers to help govern China? Trusted Foreigners and Mongols
A highly organized group of government officials running various departments? Bureaucracy
Name for scholars who got government jobs by passing the state examination. Scholar-officials
Test people had to take to get a job in Chinese government. It is still around today in many countries. Civil Service Exam
Who was the Chinese philosopher whose teaching became the basis fro China's government? Confucius
What dynasty allowed people from all social classes who passed the civil service test to be in government? Song Dynasty
What were 3 agricultural changes that led to prosperity in China? *Used pumps and canals to drain water from marshes *Built terraces and irrigated fields *Introduced new rice that grew faster
What were 3 reasons trade developed during this time? *Surplus rice able to be sold *Labor specialization allowed for more people to work in trade *Improvements in travel and communication
Why did the Chinese develop paper money? Large numbers of coins were heavy and difficult to carry
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