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Religion Exams /

Sacred Tradition the living transmission of the message of the Gospel in the Church
Divine Revelation god's self-communication where he makes known the mystery of his divine plane
Magisteriumn offical teaching authority of the church
incarnation core catholic teaching that the son of god took on hum flesh
dogma central truth of Revelation that catholics are obliged to believe
christ title given to Jesus
gospel "good news" Mathew Mark Luke and john talkes about the "good News"
lord title for jesus to called jesus "lord" is to call him God
testaments open ended contract of love between god and humand beings with Hesus Death and Resurrection
kerygma core teaching about Jesus Christ as Savor and Lord
New Covenant coming of Jesus Christ, fullness of God's Revelation
Inspiration human authers of the Sacred Scripture so they wrote what God wanted written for our benefit
evangelist perple who proclaims the Good news of Jesus Christ
Canon offical list of the inspired books, 46 Old Testament 27 New Testament
catechesis process of religious instruction and formation in major elements of Catholic faith
synoptic gospels matthew mark and luck which similarites can be seen together in parallel columns and mutually comparted
Q used for Quelle
gentiles term for non-jews
Abba daddy
pentateuch name of the first 5 books in the old testament
Torah law or divine teaching revealed to Judaism
Angels god's messengers
Ark of the Covenant portable built to holdthe tabletsThe Law of Sign hold in here
Hasmonean Dynasty descendants of the Maccabees who ruled in Judea after last of the Syrians in 41 BC
Dead Sea Scrolls Ancient scrolls containing the oldest known manuscripts of the books of the old testament
Qumrah ancient essene monastery on the northwestern shore of the Dead sea near it found the dead sea scrolls
mystery events of Jesus life that show and accomplish this plan
epiphany term to describe the mystery of Christ's manifestatiion as savior of the world
midrash relates scriptural events to help interpret present events
parable vivid picture story drawn from ordinary life that conveys religious truth usually related to some aspect of God's Kingdom jesus used it alot
Kingdom of God proclamation by jesus that inaugurated his life death and resurrection
miracle powerful sign of God's Kingdom worked by Jesus
transfiguration mystery from christ's life in which God's glory shone throught and transformed Jesus physical appearance while he was in the company of the Old testament
5 facts about Jesus he was jewish, born in Bethleham, lived in Galilee, he was a carpenter, son of mary
Jeus Prayer Lord Jesus Son of God have mercy on me a sinner
4 major divisions in the Old Testament pentateuch, historical books, wisdom books, prophetic books
3 stages in formation of the gospels eyewitnesses saw and heard what Jesus said and did,inspired by the holy spirit to encorge and proclaim,what they saw oral tradition and written tradion
what was the language that Jes spoke every day Aramaic
Language Jesus spoke to foreigners Koine Greek
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