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SystemicDys- Garlitz

Manipulation for systemic dysfuction

How do you suspect viscersomatic reflexes? Warmth, Muscle spasm, Tenderness, and Moisture
Sympathetic head and neck levels T1-4
Sympathetic Cardio levels T1-5
Sympathetic Respiratory levels T2-T7
Sympathetic stomach, liver and gallbladder levels T5-9
Sympathetic Small intestine levels T9-11
Sympathetic Pancreas levels T5-11
Sympathetic Ovaries/testes T9-10
Sympathetic Kidney, ureter and bladder T10-L1
Sympathetic Large intestine, rectum T8-L2
Sympathetic Uterus levels T10-L1
Sympathetic Prostate levels L1-L2
The sympathetic chain ganglia are located Just anterior to the rib heads
How do you stimulate symp chain ganglia repetitive lift of rib angles will cause rebound normalization
Three abdominal plexi Celiac, Superior mesenteric, inferior mesenteric
Abdominal Plexus release Push and hold for 10-20 seconds
Abdominal Plexus release contraindications peritonitis, bowel obstruction
Treatment for chapmans points rotary pressure for 10-30 seconds
When you do upper cervical soft tissue treatments, what are you stimulating Vagus nerve
Sacral rocking is treating s2-s4
4 fascial diaphrams OA, Thoracic inlet, thoracic diaphragm, pelvic diaphragm
Visceral dysfunction can be treated with Mesenteric lifts, organ pumps and abdominal sphincter release
Organ pumps does what? Uses repetitive pressure to promote circulation to and from organs (liver and spleen especially)
Indications for abdominal sphincter release motility dysfunction, hiatal hernia, gastroesophageal reflux, cholestasis, malabsorption, diarrhea
Which sphincters can you check/treat? Pyloric, hepatopnacreatic, duodenojejunal, ileocecal
How do you treat sphincters Direct or indirect myofascial release
Created by: mcasto