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bham 1st sem. final

bham 1st sem. final 2014 2014 2014 2014

An example of a "bloodless revolution" where one ruling class is removed from power without bloodshed by the common people? Glorious
What form of democracy did the Romans have? Known as Representative or Republic
What kind of government does the USA have? A Representative or Republic
Who rules in the "Rule of Law" and why is it so important? The law because it is more consistent than the will of a monarch.
What are John Locke's ideas that influenced many Colonial documents including the Constitution? Right to life, liberty, and property
Name of meeting designed to divide up Africa during imperialism: Berlin Conference
Who was an advocate for using non-violence, civil disobedience and passive resistance to gain freedom? Gandhi
When one country takes over another country politically, economically, and socially is called? Imperialism
What country led the Industrial Revolution? England
Name the four factors of production. LACE Land, A work force, Capital, and Entrepreneur
Economic system of the United States. Capitalism
Who wrote The Wealth of Nations? Adam Smith
Charles Dickens wrote about the ___________ in cities during the Industrial Revolution? harsh living conditions
At what meeting did the leaders try to put things back in order after Napoleon? Congress of Vienna
Why did the Congress of Vienna redraw the boundaries of some European countries? To surround France with strong countries.
Which revolutions were inspired by the Enlightenment period? The American and French revolutions.
What 3 things are central concepts from classical Athens that is central to Western political thought today? Individual worth, dignity and achievement.
Enlightenment thinkers think that the right to rule only comes from the ________________. Consent of the governed.
During the 18th and 19th centuries, Europeans colonized and improved roads and bridges and built railroads in their colonies primarily to: To get to much needed raw materials quickly.
Did the Chinese want to trade with the British? No.
China preferred to stay to themselves and not trade with colonial powers. This is known as? Isolation
The idea that it was the duty of the Colonists to spread "civilized" culture is known as? White Man's Burden.
Workers form _______ to fight for better and safer working conditions Unions
What is meant by "urban"? living in cities
Where did worker's move during the Industrial Revolution? Cities near factories.
When did the population begin to grow quickly? During the Industrial Revolution.
Name 3 causes of the French Revolution taxes, food shortages, and anger of the Third Estate
Who was the most influential thinker of the Enlightenment? Locke
What did the Sepoy Mutiny in India hope to accomplish? To get rid of foreigners.
What did the Boxer Rebellion hope to achieve in China? To get rid of foreigners.
The first industry to apply the factory system was the _______? textile industry
Name 3 major components to the Industrial Revolution. man made to machine made goods, new business class, and a new way to make money(capitalism)
England had plenty of which raw materials that aided in their abilty to industrialize. Coal and Iron
Created by: cbirmingham