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Religion Vocab Ex:

Examples of Vocab Terms

Religion Christianity, Islam, Buddhasim, Daoism, Judaism, and Hinduism
Animism Evergreen trees being holder of spirits in the Torah.
Buddhaism The truth that all beings must endure suffering.
Christianity Has religious leaders such as the Pope, or a pastor
Confucianism The belief that in order to govern others one must first govern oneself.
Ethnic Religion Judaism, Hinduism, and Daoism.
Exclave In Flemish Region of Belgium: Voeren.
Enclave Vatican City within Rome in Italy.
Hajj A muslim going to Mecca.
Interfaith Boundaries In Sri Lanka: Buddhism vs. Hinduism
Intrafaith Boundaries Lebenanon: Sunni vs. Shia
Islam Sunni and Shia
Judaism Belief that Jesus is not the Messiah
Landscape of the Dead Cemetary
Monotheism Islam, Christianity, Judaism
Polytheism Hinduism and Shintoism
Mormonism Jesus Christ's Church of Latter Day Saints.
Muslim Pilgramige A Muslim going to Mecca.
Muslim Population Half the population located in 4 countries outside the Middle East.
Proselytic Religion Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism
Reincarnation Being reborn as a fly after death in human life.
Religion (group, places) Christianity being a universalizing religion and is spread throughout the world concentrated in Europe and the US.
Religious Architectural Styles Christians churches: crosses, chapel, stepple and a bell
Religious Conflict Muslims and Coptic Christians in Egypt
Religious Culture Hearth Christianity: Israel
Religious Toponym Synogouge, Temple
Sacred Space Church
Sunni Belief that Muhammad has 4 potential heirs.
Shia Belief that Muhammad has only 1 heir
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