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HistoryMidterm Exam

World History Standard Midterm Review

A large black stone that contained three scripts and enabled us to translate hieroglyphics? Rosetta Stone
The earliest form of writing that used a wedge shaped stylist to make imprints on wet clay? Cuneiform
Line of Christ comes through him, Adams and Eves Son? Seth
He discovered King Tuts Tomb? Howard Carter
Canaanite people that used purple dies and cedar trees? Phoenicians
Who was the king at the height of Chaldean Empire? Nebacunezzar
Belief in many gods? Polythiesm
Belief in one God? Monotheism
Mesopotamia; land between Tigris and Euphrates Rivers? 1st Civilization
The first great woman ruler of Egypt? Hatshepsut
Were the pyramid of Khufu is located? Giza
Two rivers where the first civilization was formed? Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What is artifacts, written records and traditions? Primary Sources
Darius 1 son who lead the Persians and Greeks at the Battle of Thermopylae Bay? Xerxes
Wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey? Homer
Site of the temple for Greek God Athena, located in Athens, Greece? Parthanon
What was Pericles' Government? Democracy
Where 300 Spartans fought to the death? Thermopalyae
Who burned Athens Xerxes
Who taught Aristotle? Plato
Who said "question Everything?" Socates
Was Oligarchy( small form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people)? Sparta's Government
Spartan Culture Vs. Athenian culture? Sparta- military training, Athenian- beautiful buildings
Ancient Greek city state basic political unit of Greece? Polis
Olympic games where held in honor of who? Zues
Urged Rome to destroy Carthage? Cato
Roman General and politician who commanded the final destruction of Carthage, General in the Second Punic War? Scipio
Military leader of Carthage in the Second Punic War? Hannibal
Series of three wars fought between Rome and Greece? Punic Wars
Rivaled Rome for trade? Carthage
Composed of leads from the Patricians, the noble and wealthy families of Ancient Rome and was the most power in the Republic? Senate
1st Punic War was fought over? Sicily
Means Father? Pater
Veto stands for this? "I Forbid"
Who defeated Hannibal? Scipio
Roman form of Greek god Zeus? Jupiter
How long were consuls elected? One year
Where Rome stole woman(tribe)? Sabine
Aristocrat or Nobleman, a member of a long-established wealthy family? Patricians
Of or belonging to the commoners of Ancient Rome? Plebians
Treaty by which Rome ruled Carthage? "Carthaginian Peace"
How Rome won the First Punic War? Corvis
First written Roman Law? Law of Twelve Tables
Length that roman senators served? One year
Mountains that goes right down through Italy? Apennines Mountains
Three Step process Aristotle? Syllogism
Son of Odysseus? Telamachus
Last Roman Emperor to rule over both the eastern and western hales of the Roman Empire? Theodosuis
1st Emperor to persecute Christians? Nero
1st Emperor of Rome? Ceaser Augustus
City destroyed by volcano Eruption? Pompey
Caused Christians to leave Israel and spread all over the world Roman Empire? Destruction of Jerusalem
The Roman Prosecutor of Judea who ordered Jesus to be crucified? Pontius Pilate
Chariot Racing Stadium in Ancient Rome? Circus Maximus
Granted by Emperor Constantine the Great in the west and Lindis Augustus in the east? Edict of Milan
First Emperor to persecute Christians , Roman Emperor from 54 to 68 , and he was thought to be the Anti-Christ? Nero
Fought between Carolingian Franks and the forces of Muslims? Battle of Tours
Codified Roman Laws? Justinian
"Submission to Allah" Islam
Primary Authority on Muslims? Koran
Central doctrine in Koran? A belief in only one God (Monotheism)
How Muhammad received the Koran? In his vision from Angel Gabriel
Largest Group to settle in early Russia? Slavic Tribes
City that was the central meeting place for Muslims? Constantinople
Between East and West? Constantinople
Great god of Hinduism? Bramen
Where Hinduism originated? India
4 Noble Truths ?
Lowest Class in Feudalism? Nobles
A medieval emperor who one ruled much of Western Europe , Crowned Emperor of Rome in 800 on Christmas Day? Charlamagne
The property or fee granted by the vassal for his maintenance by his lord in return for his service ,land grant? Fief
Form of government during the Middle Ages? Feudalism
Teaching during the mass that wine represents the blood of Jesus and the bread represents the body of Jesus? Transubstantiantion
Basis for the Roman Catholic doctrine on papal primacy, Peter is the first Pope Petrine Theory
Survey of England , Taxable resource? Doomsday Book
Punishment of an individual? Excommunication
Most successful crusade? 1st Crusade
Said that the kings power is limited? Magna Carta
Winner of the hundred years war? France
Made business fair, honest, and efficient? Usury
Year Rehnquista completed? 1492
Family that ruled after the War of Roses? Toder Family
Families that fought in War of Roses? Lancaster's Vs. Yorkists
Type of bow that is tall, and that shot further than a normal bow? Longbow
generic term for poets and minstrels who flourished in southern France, people who sang? Troubadours
Native language or native dialect of a specific population? Vernacular
language of Roman Catholic Church Latin
Ansolem, Abalar, and aquinse? 3 Scholastic thinkers?
Brought together Theology and Philosophy? Scholaticism
Known for their Universities? Paris and Bologna
The order of the member of a craft guild? Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master.
Advocated the scientific method of observation and experimentation? Roger Bacon
Killed 1/4 of Europe's population, spread by rates , lymph glands would swell and would eventually take over the whole body? Black Death
Regulates the business activity of a given town? Guilds
Peasant Teenager French girl who motivated the French to fight in the 100 Year War? Joan of Arc
Thrones Created Spain Aragon and Castile
Wrote the Canterbury Tales? Geoffrey Chaucer
Wrote the Divine Comedy? Dante Alighieri
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