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BMMS Greece Ch. 12

WordsCh. 12 Definitions
Pericles one of Athens' greatest leaders. He strengthened democracy and expanded Athens' territory
direct democracy all citizens participate directly in running the government
Delian League an organization of Greek city-states formed for mutual protection. Led by Athens
Acropolis a fortified high part of any ancient Greek city-state
Parthenon a temple built to honor Athena located on the Acropolis in Athens
Peloponnesian War the war between Athens and Sparta that began in 431 B.C.
plague an easily spread, deadly disease
truce an agreement to stop fighting
catapult a military machine that threw stones at enemy forces
Alexander the Great king of Macedonia, who conquered Greece and Egypt and spread Greek culture throughout his empire
Hellenistic a culture that combined Greek, Persian, Egyptian and Indian styles
Alexandria a Hellenistic city established by Alexander the Great in Egypt
drama a written story designed to be performed by actors
tragedy a serious form of drama
comedy a drama that pokes fun at politics, people, and ideas of the day
ideal a style of Greek art focusing on as perfect form as possible
philosophy the study of basic truths and ideas about the universe
phalanx battle formation of heavy infantry carrying long spears, or pikes, and swords.
alliance an agreement between two or more groups, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests.
Peloponnesian League an alliance of Greek city-states on the Peloponnesus led by Sparta
ostracism temporary banishment of a citizen, decided upon by popular vote.
hoplite a Greek foot soldier
Macedonia a kingdom north of Greece, where Alexander the Great was from
Socrates a Greek philosopher who was put to death for corrupting the youth
trireme a Greek warship with three levels of oarsmen
Golden Age a 30 year period of peace and prosperity in Athens between the Persian and Peloponnesian War.
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