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What mahjor event led to a food surplus in Great Britain in the early 1700s? Agricultural Revolution
Which 3 major advancements took place during the Agricultural Revolution? Crop Rotation, Invention of Farm Machinery, & Improved breeding practice of livestock
This event led in the mid-1700s marked the decline in the need for hand(muscle) power and increased the demand for machine power, thus creating factories? The Industrial Revoltion
What is Enclousure Movement? Small fields to create large farms and fenced them, a transformation
What is Standard of Living? Level of material comfort
What is Communism? A system in which the government owns almost all the means of production and controls economic planning
What is Socialism? A theory-society or the government, instead of individuals should own property and control industry
Who was the first country to industrialize? Great Britain
Great Briatin was the first country to industrialize because they possessed the factors of productions: _______, __________, _________ Land, Labor, Capital
What was the Cottage Industry? A craft occupation preformed in the home
What is a Factory? A building that housed industrial machines
What are Strikes? Work stoppages
What is a Entrepreneur? Someone who starts a new business
What is Urbanization? Growth of City
What were appartments for the poor called? Tenements
What condition were the cities in? Stuffy, unhealthy, dangerous
What condition was the Suburban Areas in? Wealthy, sunlight, trees
What condition was the Business Distict in? Crime, violence, prostitutes
The Industrial Revolution began in the British ______ industry Textile
What are the Factors of Production? Land, Labor, Capital
What is a Laissez-Faire? A lazy government
What improved breeding practice? Science
What is a Seed Drill? It was fast, quick and produced crops
What are interchangeable parts? Identical machine-made parts
The Enclousure Movements led to the movement of farmers to industrialize areas looking for work. This movement is called what? Rural-to-Urban Migration
These were organizations representing workers interests Labor Unions
Was there any pollution in the Rural Areas? No
Where did the single families live? Suburban Areas
What country is the leading textilenation of the world in 1850? Great Britain
What was in the alley ways of the Tenements? Rats, poor people, feces
Created by: Madisonann