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BMMS Greece Ch.11

BMMS Greece Ch. 11

Greece Ch. 11 WordsDefinitions
peninsula land with water on three sides
Peloponnesus the peninsula that forms the southern part of Greece
isthmus a narrow strip of land
Phoenicians The Greeks got the alphabet from them.
alphabet a system of symbols used to represent individual sounds
Zeus ruler of the Greek gods
Mount Olympus highest mountain in Greece and home to the Greek gods
myth a story that people tell to explain beliefs about their world
Olympics games held every four years to honor Zeus
epic poem a long poem about ancient heroes
fable a short story usually involves animals and teaches a moral or lesson
polis the Greek word for city-state
aristocracy "rule by the upper class"
tyrant a ruler who takes power illegally
citizen a person who is loyal to and protected by a government
democracy a government in which citizens make political decisions "rule by the people"
Athens a city-state in ancient Greece. Democracy was born here.
Sparta a city-state in ancient Greece that focused on military strength
helot a Greek slave
barracks military houses for soldiers
Marathon a plain near Athens where the first battle with the Persians took place
Homer a Greek poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey
agora an open air market place and political center of Athens
city-state a self governing city and its surrounding villages
monarchy "rule by a king or a queen"
oligarchy "rule by a few"
oracle A person, such as a priestess, through whom a deity is held to respond when consulted.
Cleisthenes considered the "father" of democracy
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