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emphsema destruction of the aveloi walls
asthma spasm of the bronchi tubes
tuberculosis caused by lession in the lung
orthopnea difficult breathing while laying flat
pulmonary function test test done to measure breaths
pleurisy inflammation of pleura cavity
tonsillectomy removal of tonsils
when client has had there tonsils taken out, which tonsil is typically removed palatine
if your client has had a lot of mucus secretions, what could you do to assist in helping them rid of these secretions postural drainage-cupping tappoment
what position should you use for someone who has difficulty breathing fowlers 30*
bronchodilator relaxs smooth muscles
antihistamine decreases blood flow to area
antitussives suppress cough
mucolytics breaks down mucus
hiatal hernia stomach protruding up to diaphragm
inguinal hernia mostly men, protruding down through spermatioric cord
umbilical hernia small intestine protruding out rectus abdominis
femoral hernia small intestine protruding underneath ignual
-ostomy opening- artificial
hepatitis inflammation of liver
constipation inability to pass colon
anorexia without appetite
bulimia compulsive over eating and binging
peptic ulcer ulceration in mucus membrane- means stomach
crohns disease inflammatory disease of small intestine, genetics
ulcerative colitis chronic inflammatory disease, colon and rectum
diverticulitis inflammation of out pouching in colon
antacids works locally to naturalize acid
hypersmolar laxatives draws water into bowel
H2- receptor antagonists blocks histamine from stimulating acid production
proton pump inhibitors blocks secretion of acid
dietary fiber increase stool mass
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