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North America 2012

Throck North America 2012

Why are there deserts, such as Death Valley, in Southwestern USA? The Rainshadow Effect due to the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ranges
Why do coastal areas have a more moderate climate? Because water heats and cools more slowly than land
What happens to the temperature as you increase in elevation? it decreases
Why are the Appalachian Mountains, once the border of the colonial US, so eroded and worn down? they are geologically old, so longer exposure to erosional agents like wind
What is the 2nd largest river sytem in North America? The Mississippi River
What are headwaters? Where a river begins; source
What is the high point of the Continent that determines if a river flows to the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean? The Continental Divide (aka Great Divide)
As the Piedmont area drops to the lower Atlantic coastal plains in the East, rapidly moving water has historically been used to operate machinaery. What is this landform? The Fall Line
Why is Canada so much colder than the US? it has a higher latitude (further from the direct rays of the sun)
Areas united because they have something in common, such as a climate, product, political border, ect.... Formal Region
Areas united based on beliefs or feelings, such as "The Deep South" refering to opinions on slavery... Perceptual Regions
What region of the U.S. has been the manufacturing hub with steel cities such as Detroit? The Midwest
Which region of the US was once the agricultural section due to warmer climate and fertile soil? The South
Which region of the U.S. became populated with the help of the railroads and government land grants? It is now the "Breadbasket?" The Great Plains
A central location connected to surrounding locations, such as a metropolitan area, is a? Funcional Region
Which region of the US contains a large percent of the population, the center of government and the center of commerce? The Northeast
What was the Great Migration? movement of African Americans north for factory jobs following Civil War, and World War I and II.
What trend has caused the US to have consistent population growth as well as a large labor force? (hint: also causes diffusion) Immigration
Since the 1970's, how has the immigration trend shifted? Late 1800's saw immigration from Europe; Immigration slowed to all time low by 1970, only to pick up again from Latin America and Asia.
The US and Canada both have an economy where private individuals own the means of production, and prices are determined by supply and demand. THis is? free enterprise
The US is wealthy in human capital. What is this? Workers and thier skills that are used to make money
What type of economy focuses more on services than industries? Post Industrial
What economic community tries to eliminate trade barriers and create common markets in Europe? The EU
Organizations with muliple countries as members are known as supranational organizations
When economies of countries around the world become interconnected, it is known as Globalization
What effects the location of economic activities? distribution of resources, climate, landforms, technololy, human capital, entrepreneurs
Globalization Benefit or Drawback: offshoring and outsourcing drawback
Globalization Benefit or Drawback: greater connectivity and diffusion benefit
Globalization Benefit or Drawback: pandemics drawback
Factors that causes a person to leave his or her homeland (emigration) push factors
Factors that draw a person into a particular area (immigration) pull factors
What has enabled crops to become resistent to pests without the use of chemical pesticides? Although long term health effects are debated. Genetic modification
Why did Megalopolis develop in the Northeast? it was the sight of early factories due to the rivers and the fall line
What has reduced trade barriers such as tariffs and quotas among the U.S., Mexico, and Canada? NAFTA
Why would NAFTA be considered controversial? it has led to loss of jobs for Americans as factories are being built in Mexico. Also, mexican lab or is being taken advantage of and paid lower wages than american counterparts.
What supranational organization originally began as a coalition of US and Western European nations to combat Communism, but is still a mutual defense alliance? NATO- NOrth ATlantic Treaty Organizations
What is a drawback to becoming part of a Supranational organization? An example is when the US refused to sign the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI, because it created a "League of Nations." loss of autonomy (power over your own decisions)
Created by: davislauren
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