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Theology Ch. 6 Test

Cephas aramaic for "Peter" or "the Rock"
Epiphany Greek for manifestation, the manifestation of Christ to the World. Celebrates the adoration of the Christ child by the Magi, the baptism of Christ in the Jordan, and his first miracle.
Pilate Roman governor of Judea. Although he found Jesus innocent, he sentenced him to crucifixion and committed suicide.
Immaculate Conception Mary by a singular grace of God and by virtue of the merits of JC was free from original sin from the moment of conception.
Annunciation visit of Angel Gabriel to Mary to inform her that she was to be the mother of the Savior. Through the power of the HS Mary became Mother of Jesus.
Sanhedrin group of high priests.
Pharisees From Aramaic "perishaya" :the separated ones. Group that lived during the time of Jesus and was distinguished by their strict observances of the traditional written and oral Law. Jewish sect.
Sadducees Jewish sect. descendants of Zadok, that believed in accommodating Judaism to modern life. Did not believe in the resurrection and denied the existence of angels and saints.
Incarnate To come into flesh when Jesus assumed human nature and became man in order to accomplish salvation in that same human nature.
Last Supper Jesus and the 12 disciples came to eat supper with Jesus for the last time on earth when Jesus broke bread and gave it to all the disciples.
Essenes religious group that lived isolation in the desert to become pure and celebrated the sacraments.
Samaritans a mixed group of pagans and Israelites who were considered unclean.
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