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Bible Test #4

Acts 18-28 & Church History

Who were you two people resurrected in the book of Acts? Tabitha & Eutychus
Know the details about Paul's shipwreck Malta; stayed for 3 days at the emperor's home, Paul bitten by snake (thought of as a convict), was not effected (considered a god)
Why does Acts end so abruptly? No one knows
When did Acts end? Around AD 62
How and when did Paul die? Martyred by Emperor Nero (most likely beheaded); around AD 68
What does the word "Catholic" mean? "Universal"
In what ways were Christians misunderstood by the Romans (what were they wrongly accused of)? Cannibalism (the Bread and Blood of Life) and incest (brother and sister in Christ)
What is the connection between Emperor Worship and the Christians? The Christians refused to sacrifice once a year and proclaim "Caesar is lord"
What was Constantine's influence of Christianity? He defeated Maximian and converted the Roman Empire into a Christian Empire.
Who was the first Christian emperor? Constantine
When did Constantine defeat Maximian? October 28, 312
Who was the first official pope? Leo I
How did the first official pope come into his position? Persuaded Attila the Hun not to advance on Rome; quickly became a favourite among the Roman people
How many popes were there at one time during the East-West Schism? 3
How did the East-West Schism begin? The pope died, a new pope was elected, but he did not want to move to Rome. A new pope was then elected in Rome,now having 2 popes. The people wanted to kick both popes out of their positions and have a new pope for them all. the other 2 didn'tquit;3popes
Who began the Reformation and what did they do? Martin Luther; nailed the 95 thesis on the Catholic church's wall
What was the feud between Protestants and Catholics in England that led to colonization of North America? The Pilgrims used the Geneva Bible, which was illegal in England. They moved to Holland, and then to North America, starting a colonization
When was the King James Version first published in England? 1611
Who was the first man to translate the Bible into English? John Wycliffe
When were the 95 thesis nailed to the Catholic church door? October 31, 1517
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