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SRB Religion Final

St. Robert's Religion Final stack, Catholic

What is a spiritual principal that reflects God in you? soul
What is the ability to choose and make decisions without being forced to choose or act in a certain way? free will
What is a sacred promise between God and humans involving mutual commitments; (can also be between humans and humans)? covenant
What is another name for the 10 commandments? Decalouge
What makes it possible for you to think reason and judge? intellect
Who did God choose to lead the his people out of Israel? Moses
What helps us people recognize the evil that takes the away from God? Law
What is universal, and applies to every human being? Natural Law
Like the ten commandments, what guides us in making choices? Revealed Law
What prophet constantly reminded the people that God would take away their hardened hearts and replace them with a new heart? Jeremiah
What helps us interpret Scripture and apply it to the curcumstances of our time? tradition
The theological virtues are Faith Hope, and ______. love
In _________ the Church sets down in writing the important beliefs that are central for living a life of faith. doctrines
What is a strong habit of doing good that helps us in making good moral decisions? virtue
Human being are created uniquely because we are made in his image with a _______ _____. Free Will
In the church the ______________ prepares us to love christ and to share in his communion? Holy Spirit
One reason the _________ exists is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Church
Each Christian family is called to be a _____________ Domestic Church
The Church is like and international household of faith all united through __________. Baptism
Who did Jesus call the Rock? Peter
The season of ____ helps us focus on what would make our lives more just and right. Lent
What is celebrated as the beginning of the Church? Pentecost
The word for Church that means those called together Ekklessia
Charity, Joy, and Peace are examples of the _____ of the Holy Spirit. fruits
What is a free gift from God that enables us to be his adopted children? Grace
What is an image or description for the Church which stresses the unity of all believers through the Holy Spirit? Mystical Body of Christ
This person of faith was a(n) apostle, twin, doubter, and a martyr. He died in 72 St. Thomas
This person of faith was from a wealthy noble Roman family, married and widowed in one year, lived humbly and had few material comforts. (325-410) Friends with St. Jerome St. Marcella
This person was a priest and practical joker, a spy (to spread the news of the church), Cocol, at his death yelled, "Viva Cristo Rey" Blessed Miguel Pro
This person called the trinity "my three", living in France, a spiritual writer, and a carmelite sister. Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity
This person lived in the middle ages, wrote about spiritual visions, spoke out about spiritual matters, and is not a saint or declared a Blessed. Mechtild Von Magdeburg
This person of faith lived in Nigeria, was the temple of the Holy Spirit, made a pilgrimage to Rome, considered a living saint. Blessed Cyprian Micheal Iwene Tansi
Created by: lkubat



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