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Theo I Test 3

Testimony A personal persuasive story
It is important that non-Christians wrote about Jesus because... it helps to prove that he really existed. They weren't believers so they have no reason to lie.
Who is St. Luke? The third Gospel writer, one of the synoptics, and a saint.
St. Luke's ethnicity is... Greek, he was born as a non-Jewish, Gentile.
St. Luke's religion is... after he learned about Jesus, he converted to Catholic Christianity and was for the rest of his life.
St. Luke's language (what he spoke and wrote in)... Greek
St. Luke wrote his Gospel for... non-Jewish people to show that Jesus came to save everyone.
Did St. Luke know Jesus? No, Jesus was back in heaven before Luke became Christian.
How did St. Luke learn the stories about Jesus that he wrote in his Gospel? He learned his stories about Jesus mainly from the Virgin Mary and St. Paul.
What was his job? Before him became an evangelist, he was trained as a doctor.
Synoptic Gospel from Greek, means "seeing together," refers to Matthew, Mark, and Luke because their stories are so similar
Three stages of the Gospels being written... 1. Jesus lived and taught, 2. the Apostles spread the teachings orally, 3. the Gospels were written down.
A.D. Latin for Anno Domini, means "in the year of our Lord". It is how we count time since the birth of Christ
Abba means "Daddy" in Hebrew, Jesus was the only and the first person to call God that, and he invites us to also
Amen means "It is so" or "I believe", Jesus used that word to get peoples attention, and they recognized that he spoke with authority
Parable It is a story that teaches a lesson, usually the characters are symbols for something else. Jesus told lots of them
Name two parables... the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son
Martyr someone who dies for their faith/ for Christ. All Christian martyrs go to heaven
Saint anyone who gets to heaven. There are also canonized saints, these are saints that the Catholic church has discovered (through proof) are really in heaven
Three important themes in Jesus' teaching... 1. Love, 2.Sacrifice, 3.Forgiveness
Evangelist a person who spreads the "Good News" of Jesus, evangel means Good News, Jesus is the Good News for all of us
Created by: mccl1000
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