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(Willis) M. China P2

Europeans learned that China was a highly civilized country from _______. Marco Polo
The collapse of the _____ dynasty was caused by failed invasions of Japan, a weakened economy, & Chinese resentment. Yuan
The Ming dynasty was one of the most stable and ______times in Chinese history. prosperous
The primary result of ______ voyages was that China was able to clearly demonstrate how powerful it was. Zheng He’s
The founder of the Ming dynasty was _________. Zhu Yuanzhang
The _________ reflected the status of the Ming dynasty because the large complex of elaborate buildings was a symbol of China’s glory. Forbidden City
A policy of avoiding contact with other countries is called _______. isolationism
_________ ruled China with an iron fist, yet she was an effective leader and appointed highly skilled officials. Empress Wu
_______ was the Chinese city that had the best access to trade routes on the ocean. Hangzhou
Many people turned to Buddhism in the Period of Disunion because they took comfort in the Buddhist teaching that people can escape _____. suffering
The dramatic population increase during the Tang & Song dynasties can be attributed to _______ advances, such as fast-ripening rice and the cultivation of more land, which made food plentiful. agricultural
The capital of the Tang dynasty and the largest city in the world at the time was _________. Chang'an
The ________ was built primarily to transport rice and other foods from agricultural areas to the cities. Grand Canal
Chinese merchants exported many goods to foreign lands, except for _____. gold.
The Chinese kept the ____-making process secret because only they knew how to make it, giving them control of the trade. silk
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