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(Willis) M. China P1

The correct order of dynasties in China during medieval times was the Sui, Tang, & ______. Song
Opening the Pacific ports in China to foreign traders expanded trading & created a strong _______. economy
What technology allowed the Chinese to copy and print texts or drawings very quickly and in large quantities? Woodblock printing
A thin, beautiful form of pottery. porcelain
What instrument was invented during the Tang Dynasty that uses the earth’s magnetic field to indicate direction & revolutionized travel. compass
Advanced printing inventions limited the use of _____ because printing it was so easy that too much was printed, making it worthless. paper money
Confucianism and Buddhism are different because Confucianism stresses ethical behavior and Buddhism stresses a spiritual outlook that promises escape from _______. suffering
Which philosophy did the Song dynasty adopt as its official policy? Neo-Confucianism
Neo-Confucianism differed from Confucianism because it included a concern with ___________. spiritual matters
To work in civil service was to work as a _________. government official
Having a bureaucracy of scholar-officials during the Song dynasty created stability and an efficient ___________. government.
One lasting achievement of the Sui dynasty was that it reunified China, ending the Period of _______. Disunion.
His expeditions of conquest were bloody attacks in which entire populations of cities and towns were often wiped out. Genghis Khan
Which leader ruled over the largest empire in world history? Kublai Khan
While trying to keep control of the Chinese people, Kublai Khan did not try ordering all Chinese people to learn and adopt _______ ways of life. Mongol
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