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What is Islam? A religion with uncompromising monotheism as taught by Muhammad.
What does "Islam" mean? It means "submission" (abraham & isaac story) & "peace."
What is Muslim? The people that follow Islam.
What is Sunnah? A "well trodden path" a "custom" or a "practice." It is the example set by the prophet.
Who was Muhammad? Muhammad was the greatest & last prophet.
What did the angel Gabriel tell Muhammad to do? to RECITE.
What did Muhammad recite? Things that constituted the Qur'an.
How did Muhammad record what he recited? On scraps of metal when it came to him.
When did Muhammad get taken on his night journey? 620 CE.
Where did Muhammad get taken to? the Mosque in Jerusalem, then toured Heaven and Hell.
Who was Muhammads guide? Angel Gabriel.
What does Hijra mean? The migration.
Where did Muhammad migrate to? Yahtrib (Medina)
When does the start of the Islamic calendar start? 622, when Muhammad migrated to Yathrib.
Why did his teachings in Mecca threaten the community? It was a traditional pilgrimage site of other religions, and his calls for social justice threatened the elite.
What are the five articles of faith in Islam? God, Angels, Scripture, Prophets, & The Day of Judgement.
Who was Allah? "The God"
What is Tawhid? Strict Monotheism, the unity/oneness of God.
Who were Hanifs? Meccan predecessor monotheists who worshiped Allah.
Who was Gabriel? The angel that was the messenger of revelation.
Who was Michael? The angel who was the guardian of the Jews.
Who was Iblis? Iblis is the Satan of Islam. A fallen angel, and the father of the evil Jinn.
Who was Jinn? A lower form of spirit than the angels.
Who is Mahdi? The prophesied redeemer of Islam who will rule for 7, 9 , or 19 years.
What is the holy book of Islam? The Quran.
What kind of stuff is in the Quran? Revelations of Allah through Gabriel through Muhammad. It contains references to Christian and Jewish references such as Adam, Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Mary, and Joseph.
The book of Quran was recorded after how many years? 23 years.
What is the Hadith? Collected traditions (actions and sayings) of Muhammad. It is an expansion and interpretation of the Quran.
What is the Shari'a? It is the codification of divine law & tells you what every Muslim should do.
Who were the main messengers of Islam? Abraham, Noah, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, Zechariah, John (the baptist), and Jesus.
Who was Abraham according to Islam? He shows the meaning of submission when going to sacrifice his son, and the father of Ishmael.
What did Abraham build? He built the Ka'aba.
What are the five pillars of Islam? Creed, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, & Pilgrimage.
What is Shahadah? A saying for Islams claiming, "There is no god but God, and Muhammad is his prophet."
What is Ramadan? A period of time where Muslims fast.
What is Hajj? It is the pilgrimage that Muslims take to Mecca.
What is Ka'aba? Ka'aba is the case in Mecca to walk around that has a meteroite in the corner of it, made by Abraham.
What is Zamzam? A well located within the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. Known as the holiest place in Islam.
What is the mount of mercury? A part of the pilgrimage to Mecca.
What is Jihad? It is a holy war. All Muslims must participate if there is a legally valid deceleration of war against the infidels. It was added to the five pillars by the Kharaji.
What is the caliphate? An argument that Muhammad left no heir vs. Muhammads cousin/son-in-law should be the heir.
What four rightly guarded caliphs were selected? Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, & Ali.
What was Ali blamed for? Uthman's assassination and then he was assassinated.
For there to be a legally documented war, what must happen? There must be a legitamate caliph to declare it.
How long did the Ottoman empire last? Until 1924.
What group made Islam centrally located in Damascus (Syria)? The Umayyads.
What group made Islam centrally located in Baghdad? The Abbasids.
What group made Islam centrally located in Turkey? The Mongols.
What are the subgroups of Islam? Sunni, Shi'i, Wahhabi, Imami, and Sufi.
What do the Sunni Muslims believe? They accepted the legitamacy of the calipahte.
What does "Sunni" mean? "Traditionalists" or "orthodox"
Which group has the largest amount of Islams? Sunni.
The Sunni Muslims are generally ____? Arabs.
Who are the Wahhabi? A sub-group of Sunni Muslims located in Saudi Arabia. They believe in predestination and the literal intereptation of the Quran.
Who are the Shi'i? The group of Muslims who stay loyal to Ali.
What does Shi'i mean? "Partisans" or "legitimists"
The Shi'i Muslims are generally _____? Persians.
Shi'i Muslims believe that the caliphate should have been passed to? Ali's son.
Shi'i muslims believe Ali's son is what? in hiding, not dead, and will one day return to restore peace and justice to the world.
Who are the Imami? a sub-group of the Shi'i. Ali was an Imami.
Who are the Sufi? They are a mystical movement, modeled on Muhammads Night Journey.
Who was Ali? He is the first Imami, and blood related to Muhammad.
Who was the 12th Imam? Ali's son who is in seclusion to return someday.
What is a Mahdi? A spiritual and temporal leader who will rule before the end of the world.
What is a Shaikh? An elder that is respected in Islam.
What is Muharram? It is a a Muslim Observance/Practice.
To the Shi'a, Muharram is _____? A memorial to the martyrs.
To the Sunni, Muharram is ______? A memorial of creation.
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