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What is Judaism in a nutshell? Judaism is a religion for God's chosen people
Where was Abraham from? Abraham from Ur, in Mesopotamia.
How was Abraham connected to the covenant? Abraham was the first covenant between the Jews & God.
Who were a part of the Patriarchs? Abraham --> Isaac --> Joseph
Where does the story end with Abraham & the Patriarchs? Egypt
Where was Moses from/What kind of name is Moses? Egypt/Egyptian
What law did Moses bring forth? What were the two main groups of that law? The 10 Commandments. There is only one God & Morals
Where was Moses given those laws? Mount Sinai/Horab
Who were the Hyksos? The Egyptian people around the time of Moses.
What is the significange with Moses & the burning bush? The burning bush is where God first talked to Moses.
Explain the Exodus It was when God sent the final plague over all of egypt to that killed the first-born. Jews marked their doors so that the angel of death passed over them (passover).
What did Moses do during the Exodus? Moses led his people out of Egypt through the Red Sea.
Who took over Moses' role after his death? Joshua
Difference between Moses & Joshua Moses had an Egyptian name while Joshua had a Hebrew name
Who were the main gods in Canaaite polytheism? El, Baal, Yahweh, Moloch, Asherah, & Adonis
Who was El? THE God
Who was Baal? THE Lord
Who was Yahweh? The storm God
Who was Moloch? A bad god. Demanded child sacrifice.
Who was Asherah? Yahweh's wife.
Who was Adonis? Adonis was pronounced Adanai. Eventually replaced his vowels with Yahweh's because Yahweh is too holy. New name becomes Jehovah.
What is El sometimes written as? Elohim (God of gods), YHWH
How did we get here from a Canaaite view point? mud/clay people
What is the book of Judges about? When Joshua & Moses' people were coming together
Tell me about the Kings? Who were they? Saul, David, & Solomon
Who was Saul? Saul was the FIRST king
Who was David? David made Jerusalem the capital & expanded the empire as far as it ever got.
Who was Solomon? Solomon began the building of the first temple period. After Solomon, land split into Kingdom of Judah & Kingdom of Israel
When was the Assyrian conquest of Israel? In 721 BCE
Who were the Samaritans? A religious group from the Levant descended from ancient semitic people of the region.
Who were the 10 lost tribes? Tribes of ancient Israel that formed the Kingdom of Israel but disappeared after the kingdom was destroyed in 721.
When was the Kingdom of Judah destroyed? 587 BCE.
Who was the leader and what was he leading towards? Josiah was the leader and was leading towards Monotheism before the destruction. This led to the first temple period ending along with polytheistic Judaism.
What was the Exile? When
What was the Diaspora? The dispersion of the Jews.
When did the Second Temple period begin? During the Exile.
What was the Deuteronomistic Revision? 1. First thing Jews do is stray away from God 2. Jews Ignore Prophets 3. God Punishes Jews 4. Jews Repent
What was Septuagint? Translation of scriptures from Hebrew into Greek.
What was the Maccabean Revolt & Empire? Jewish state in the Levant for the first time since Judah was destroyed. Ventures out as far as Galilee.
Who were the four main groups in the Roman period? Saducees, Pharisees, Zealots, & Essenes
What was unique about the Sadducees? Not influenced by Zoroastrianism
What was unique about the Pharisees? They survived and became the next form of Judaism.
What happened to the Zealots? They were squashed by the miiltary.
What was unique about the Essenes? They just waited for Messiah to come back in desert.
When was the Second Temple Destroyed? 70 CE.
What was the Jamnia about? It was to decide how to have Judaism without the temple.
What was the Synagogue used for in the Second Temple Period? It was used as an Administrative Center. Somewhere to record land trades, sales, weddings, etc.
Who were Rabbis? Rabbis were teachers in the second temple period, & Priest in the post second temple period.
Who were Kabalists & Hasidics? The Mystic Forms of Judaism
What was important about Zion? They desired to have their own country again.
What are the 3 forms of Judaism in the modern world? Orthodox, Reform, & Conservative.
What are the specific things that those three groups disagree on? 1. What time of day you should worship (Friday night or Saturday morning) 2. Whether Men & Women should worship in the same room 3. Whether you should cover your head or not 4. Language (Hebrew or local language)
What was the Tanak? The Scriptures which included the Torah, Prophets, and Writings.
What were the Massoretic texts? When Vowels were added.
What were the Mishah and Talmud? Other two parts of scripture. Lower than Tanak
What does Noahs covenant include? It does not have Kosher food laws or Circumcision.
What is the most important holiday in Judaism? Yon Kippur. (Attoinment)
What the old harvest festivals that are now associated with Exodus? Passover, Pentacost, & Tabernacles.
What is a Bar Mitzvah? When a boy becomes a man
What is Shiva in Judaism? The mourning period.
Created by: lucas_witham
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