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med office final

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Facilities management is ? The concept of making the atmosphere and physical environment of an office
Magazines in waiting area should be ? Current
Minor routine office maintenance is usually done by ? By the staff
Patient bathrooms in medical office should be? Handicap accessible
Keeping a supply inventory means that the medical assistance should? Keeps a list of all supplies on hand check the expiration date on all supplies before using them Make sure all labels on items are secure
Important information about the equipment purchased for the medical office includes? Serial number date of purchase type and length of warranty suggested service schedule
To inventory supplies properly it is necessary to Be aware of the reorder point
When newly ordered supplies arrive in the office they should be? Checked against the packing slip to make sure everything that was ordered has arrived
Written step by step instructions that include all procedures taken place in the medical office are found in the what ? Procedure manual
Which item would not be included in the minutes for a meeting The lunch menu
When designing a reception area in medical office all these items should be considered except? the colors of wall, arrangement of reception area, or availability of local transportation? Availability of local transportation
Postage meters are beneficial in the office because ? Save time , save money
The medical assistant should be aware of community resources because ? The referral to these agencies would enhance patient care
American with disabilities act effects what? Affects the physical structure of the medical office
Preventive maintenance is ? The action taken by the office to identify potential failures and breakdown of medical equipment
Money that is owed to a medical facility is called? Accounts receivable
Bill that a medical office has rent, salary, equipment rental is known as? payable
Items of value in medical office? assets
Money owed to creditors is known as? Liability
For each patient the charges and payments should be recorded on individualized? Ledger cards
Charges of services and payments are kept tract on the? Charge slip
What type of manual accounting system that is used in an office as a pegboard system also known as? Write it one
A type of charge slip that uses diagnostic and procedure codes is called a? Super bill
All procedures that are covered by insurance are reimbursed at the same level of payment TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
Checks that are received by the medical facility are endorsed with a? Restrictive endorsement
To successfully reconcile a bank statement means? Bank Records and medical records are in agreement
Tool used to analyze the effect of transaction on an account? T-account
Financial activity of a business? Transaction
Amount of money not able to collect ? Write off
Writing a check for a future date? Postdated
Record of patient's transactions showing amount due is? Accounts receivable
Total amount of money earned in one paycheck? Gross wages
Minimum wages are regulated by the federal government under the? Fair labor statement act
Once an agreement has been made with patient to make monthly installments the regulations that apply to a written contract are known as? Truth and lending statements
Collection letters work best when? Firm but positive
When a collection agency is used to collect outstanding balances the collections takes what percentage? 50%
The process of determining how long specific accounts and balances have been outstanding is what? Ageing report
A patients who's account has been sent to collections comes into pay on account the medical assistant must? Refer patient to collection agency
An account is considered overdue after how many days? Account over 30 days
Insurance for workers injured on job? Workers comp
Person receiving payment? Payee
The petty cash account should? Be for purchase of small items, be for dispensing small amount money, have a journal to which expenditures are made.
If employee is paid on hourly basis pay for overtime work it is calculated at? one and half times the employee's hourly wage for time worked over 40 hours in one work week.
Blank endorsement means that. The payee signs only his or her name on back of check
When depositing currency how should cash be prepared? All bills should be in same order, face up, and same direction
A patient may request that he can make two or three monthly payments to settle his account what would have to be done? Draw up an agreement
Person paying debt? Payer
Amount of paycheck after deductions? Net wages
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Patient assessment Intervention communication The purpose of the medical record is to provide evidence of
Problem orientated medical records POMR
Subjective Objective Assessment Plan SOAP
Saint If there is the abbreviation St. in front of a name how would it look for alphabetizing purpose?
Alphabetic The most common method of filing is
NO Are Patient Financial records part of their Medical record?
Draw a line through it put new information above the old , date and sign Corrections in the medical record are made by
P plan -the plan of treatment Diagnostic tests, medication and treatment to be started are documented under what letter of SOAP
Chronological order most recent first Documents for the medical record are stored in
Each office visit is noted in record each no show is recorded MA s and MOAs can document in medical record What can be documented in a medical record
Delamare would be one word one last name no spaces How would you use the name de la mare in alphabetic order
used in research studies and filed by subject matter Subject method of filing
Units - last name first name In the alphabetic system each name is broken down into
Medical Record What serves as a legal record document and states the the planning and and care that a patient received
Source - the lab the xray the hospital Documents in a source oriented medical records are grouped according to
Problem The documents in a problem orientated medical records are grouped according to
S subjective we can not see observe symptoms When the patient makes a statement as to how he feels (feel like nails pounding head) these a re filed under what letter in the SOAP
H Harris Office Supply would be filed under what Letter
A assessment - preliminary diagnosis In the SOAP what does the word A stand for ?
Until the patient reaches the age of majority plus the number of years for the statue of limitations for that state The records of patients who are minors are saved for how long?
Out file Used to indicate that the file has been moved
Release form In order for the medical office to submit forms for the patient to the insurance company a patient usually needs to sign a ?
Cross reference
Lee Wong - Wong Lee When there is confusion about a patients name (Lee Wong) the procedure is to use?
Reduce risk of miss filing One of the advantages of color coding is to ?
No, doctor owns the record patient owns information that's in it Does the doctor own the medical record and all its contents?
Medical offices and hospitals Source oriented medical records are used primarily by
Problem orientated medical record POMR
Data base- problem list - treatment plan-progress notes Four major parts of the problem orientated medical record POMR
Objective - information that can be observed or seen -rash cut blister In the term SOAP the O stands for
Yes - its important that every one knows the color code system Should everyone in office know the office color code system
First name Second unit in alphabetical filing
Vandam make it one word prefix is part of last name How would you use the last name van dam in alphabetic filing van is the prefix
Assessment - impressions that doctor has about cause of patients symptoms The letter A in SOAP stands for?
Plan - plan for patients treatment P in the word SOAP stands for
Tickler file -tickles the memory about upcoming events-reminder Files that should be organized and checked frequently
Information provided by patient -how they feel Using the letter in S in SOAP pertains to
the telephone is one of the most important means of the medical office, when answering medical assistant should be be courteous and display a positive attitude
the patient who has to wait more then 15 to 20 minutes after his appointment all following except b. competent and caring
Initial information is entered into a spiral bound appointment book should be written in pencil
the most important piece of information a medical assistant needs when a patient calls to schedule an appointment for follow up how much time is needed for visit
when answer call the first thing you should do find out who the caller is
there are certain calls a medical assistant can handle the determination of which call will go to physician screening
purpose of screening calls is find out how urgent call is
the most important piece of information needed to schedule an out patient test insurance information
if an unscheduled patient should show up at office with an emergencypatient is what seen by physician immediately ahead of other patients waiting
when a patient cancels an appointment or does not show up the next course ofaction would be call patient to reschedule document missed appointment in patient records
manual scheduling of appointments uses a what spiral bound appointment book
Telephone courtesy includes all of the following except put caller on hold automatically
stream scheduling allot specific time to patients
open office hours A. more flexibility C. lengthy waits
the system that schedules 3 0r 4 patients every hour then seen in order the arrive at office wave
methodology of scheduling patients with the same kind of problems or conditions on certain days cluster
setting up matrix in scheduling book means what blocks out time physician is not in the office and does not take patients
established patients include those who are currently under treatment
person seen within the last three years established patient
matrix should be written in red ink
mailing method to prove an item was mailed and received certified mail
situation were a delay in treatment could be life threatening emergency
mailing method used when contents have a monetary value Registered mail
scheduling more then one patient for the same time slot double booking
written impressions of patients condition progress notes
lengthy document used for publication manuscript
medical report written by specialist after seeing a patient consultation report
written form of communication memo
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