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V3 Industrial Rev

Industrial Rev Vargo

Encouraged Farmers to grow turnips and use crop rotation. Charles Townsend "Turnip Townsend"
Breeding of stronger horses, fatter sheep and cattle. Robert Bakewell
He encouraged advancements in agriculture. King George III "Farmer George"
Published "Essays on the Principals of Population" Urbanization Thomas Malthus
Industrial Revolution movement in Britain Coal Supply, Labor, Advancements in Technology, Hydroelectric Power, Capital (overseas empire), Naval Supremacy, Strong Gov., and Strong work ethic
Smelted iron with coal Abraham Darby
Invented the Flying Shuttle John Kay
Invented the Spinning Jenny James Hargreaves
Invented the water frame Richard Arkwright
Factory Conditions Unsafe, Unhealthy, long hours, harsh conditions and women and children
Steam powered locomotive George Stephenson
Took steamboat up the Hudson River at 5mph Robert Fulton
Started the Methodist Religion John Wesley
Started the Salvation Army William Booth
Utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill
Utopians and socialist communities in New Lanark, Scotland. (Model Village/Factory) Robert Owen
Wrote Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital "Father of Communism Karl Marx
Proletariat Working Class
Bourgeoisie Wealthy Class
Karl Marx view on profit. Surplus Value
Views on Communism Collective Ownership, work according to ability, and receive according to need.
Steel Tycoons Krupp & Carnegie
Invented Dynamite and has and endowment set up for good. Alfred Nobel
Invented the lightening rod Ben Franklin
Invented the Battery Alessandro Volta
Invented the Dynamo (Generator) Michael Farraday
Invented the light bulb Thomas Edison
The golden spike to connect the transcontinental railroad. Promontory Point (Ogden, Utah)
Gas powered internal combustion engine Nickolaus Otto
Moving from the country to the city. Urbanization
Invented the first gas powered automobile Gottlieb Daimler
Mass production with the assembly line. (Model T) Henry Ford
First Successful flight Kittyhawk, NC was by the Wright Brothers
First solo flight across the ocean. Charles Lindberg
First women to fly across the ocean. Amelia Earhart
Invented the transformer principal Joseph Henry
Invented the telegraph "What hath god wrought" Samuel Morse
Invented the wireless telegraph (radio) Guglielmo Marconi
Invented the telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Owner of Standard Oil John D. Rockefeller
Small groups that dominate industry. Cartels
These were set up to outlaw monopolies. Sherman Antitrust Act Clayton Antitrust Act
Invented vaccines for rabies and anthrax Louis Pasteur
Cures for tuberculosis and yellow fever Robert Kock
English surgeon who first used antiseptics Joseph Lister
Dentist who used anesthesia William Morton
Came up with Atomic Theory and that atoms combine John Dalton
Came up the the Periodic Table Dmitir Mendeleyeev
He studied plants and animals in the Galapagos Islands. He also came up the the theory of evolution. Charles Darwin
Wrote Descent of Men and Origin of Species Charles Darwin
The most famous musical composers who wrote Eroica Beethoven
Eroica composition is about 3 things Determination, Power, and Victory
Wrote Polish Folk Music Chopin
Was the symbol of romantic writers Lord Byron
Wrote "Tragedy of Faust" Goethe
Scottish writer who wrote "Ivanhoe" Sir Walter Scott
He wrote Tale of 2 Cities, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
The father of Realism Charles Dickens
Wrote "Les Miserables" Hugo
Wrote "A Dolls House" "An Enemy of the People" and "Peer Gynt Hennik Isben
Wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Harriet Beecher Stowe
Art Impressionist Monet Degas "Impression Sunrise" (Ballerinas)
Post Impressionist Seurat VanGogh Gauguin Pointilismo Starry Night Tahiti
Photographers Louis Daguerre (France) William Fox (GB) Mathew Brady Civil War
Realism Writers Dickens, Hugo, Isben, Stowe, Bronte Sisters
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