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Religion final WPU

ASHKENAZIMAn ethnic gr
KABBALAH --Jewish mystical tradition centering on the Zohar
MISHNAH --Collection of the teachings of the great rabbis concerning ritual and legal issues, compiled before the end of the second century CE
MITZVAH --A divine commandment or sacred deed in fulfillment of a commandment
PASSOVER --Commemoration and annual celebration of the exodus story of Israelite slaves in Egypt
PURIM -- “lots;” spring holiday that centers around the events of the book of Esther
REFORM JUDAISM --Movement that began in the nineteenth century as a way of modernizing the religion, centering on ethics, rather than food laws or rituals
SEPHARDIM --An ethnic group of Jews that migrated to Spain and Portugal
TALMUD --Jewish law and lore, compiled in the sixth century CE
TANAKH --The Jewish scriptures (Law, Prophets, Writings)
TREFA BANQUET --Incident (1883) that led to division between Reform and Conservative Jews in the United States
ZIONISM --Movement dedicated to the establishment of a politically viable internationally recognized Jewish state in the biblical land of Israel.
BAPTISM --Water rite that signifies new birth through dying and rising with Christ; for some Christians it signifies cleansing from sin.
CREED --A formal statement of belief
EUCHARIST —“giving thanks;” Christian commemoration of the Last Supper with bread and wine
GOSPEL --The good news of God’s victory over sin and death rendered by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; the power of God that leads to salvation
INCARNATION God becoming human in Christ; the Word made flesh
MESSIAH --“Christ;” “the anointed one”
ORIGINAL SIN --Christian affirmation of the pride and egoism of humanity
PENTECOST --The birthday of the Christian church; outpouring of the Holy Spirit
PROTESTANTISM --16th century movement that affirmed the central authority of the Bible over church tradition; “sola gratia, sola fide, sola scriptura.”
RESURRECTION --Christ’s victory over death and the grave
TRINITY --Doctrine of one God, experienced as three divine Persons
CALIPH --In Sunni Islam, the successor to the Prophet
FATWA --A legal opinion issued by an authority
HADITH --Traditions of the sayings and actions of Muhammad
HAJJ --The holy pilgrimage to Mecca
HIJRAH --Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina; it marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar.
JIHAD --“struggle;” holy war
SHAHADAH --“There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”
SHARIAH --Divine law in Islam
SURA --A chapter of the Qu’ran
UMMAH --The Muslim community
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