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Community? A group of people who share something or have something in common
Co-Operation? Working together to achieve a common goal
Lack of co-operation? Not working together
What are the characteristics of community Respect,co-operation,sharing and communication
Sharing? Willing and unselfish giving to others
Communication? Sharing of experiences,thoughts or feelings
Roles? Specific tasks or functions within a group
Community breakdown? When a community stops working together and breaks down
Commitment? Pledge/promise to a group or community to carry out a task or role
Service? Work done by a person or group for the good of another person or group
Give an example of a local community GAA(Gaelic Athletic Association)
Give an example of a national community Special Olympics Ireland
Give an example of an international community? Greenpeace
Name the five major world religions Christianity, Jusdaisim, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduisim
what is monotheism? Give an example Belief in one God. Christianity
What is polytheism? Give an example Belief in more than on God. Hinduisim
Faith/Belief? Something accepted as true by a person or group
Religions? Systems of practices and rules to express and respond to the search for and belief in God
Founder? A person whose teaching and example leads to the formation of a group or community vision
What was the Great Schism and when was it? The split of the Christian denominations in 1054
Denomination? Community of faith, with its own particular organisation and pratices
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