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CCD Test

Mr. Mayne's CCD Test 1

What is the Holy Trinity Father Son Holy Spirit
What is the bible Word of God
Where are you (supposed to be) a Catholic? Everywhere. Your religion should affect all aspects of your life. (It does not stay at church or CCD.)
What is Grace? Grace is a gift from God. It will help us do things that are impossible without the gift. However we must practice them.
Name the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit P.U.R.F. W.W.K. Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgment, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, Wonder and Awe
Define Wisdom Wisdom: Seeing as God sees
Define Understanding Finding Meaning in our lives
Define Right Judgement Knowing what to do. (the correct thing to do in a difficult situation)
Define Fortitude Strength to do what is right (especially when it is difficult)
Define Knowledge Understanding God Through Scriptures
Define Piety Acting Holy
Wonder and Awe Aware that God is great (this awareness should cause you to act so.)
Is Jesus in Old Testament or New New Testament
Are the two Creation stories in the Old Testament or the New Testatment Old Testament (Genesis)
What do we find in Old Testament? Beginning of the world to Before Christ(BC) (actually about 430 BC)
What do we find in the New Testament? Jesus to the End of the World...("dant-dant-daaaa")
Name the Four Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
What do we find in the gospels? Stories about Jesus
Who are the most important people in the Catholic Church? We the people. We are the ones interacting with the people in our lives. (There are many more of us then the Pope, Bishops, Priests and Religious.)
Who are the male leaders of the church? Pope, Bishops, Priests, Deacons
What are the vows priests take? Celibacy, Obedience
What are the vows brothers and sisters (religious) take? Celibacy, Obedience, Poverty
What is a saint? Someone in Heaven
What do you need to be a saint? You need to be dead (kind of hard to be in heaven and on earth :-)
Do saints have any direct power to influence our lives? NO. God has power. Saints can intercede (pray) for us. They do not have any direct power.
(Choose one)Summarize Jesus Baptism Jesus goes to Jordan river John says Jesus Baptize me Jesus says John baptize me John baptizes Jesus Voice of God: This is my beloved on whom my favor rests Dove from above-Holy Spirit Jesus goes to desert Fasts 40 days Jesus is hungry: He is human
(Choose one)Summarize Wedding at Cana At Wedding. Mary: Jesus they're out of wine Jesus: Its' not my time Mary: They are out of wine Jesus: Its' not my time Mary tells servant: Do what he tells you He tells them to fill jugs with water He blesses the jugs of water and changes water to w
(Choose one)Summarize Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead Jesus preaching Someone tells him Lazarus is sick Jesus:I am going to finish preaching here Later, some says:Lazarus has died Jesus says:Let’s go see Jesus goes to the grave “Jesus wept” (he was sad) Jesus says: Lazarus Come out Lazarus comes out o
What is the difference between the bible and your CCD book? Bible is the Word of God.
Created by: MrMayneCCD
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