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OT Final Exam

What are the poetic books? Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs
Which 3 of these books are the books of wisdom? Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes
What are the 4 types of Psalms? Lamentation, Thanksgiving, Hyms, and Wisdom
What is Lamentation? Tension of living in a sin cursed world
What is Thanksgiving? Celebration of God's deliverance/provision
What is Hyms? Descriptive praise of God
Who is the primary author of Proverbs? Solomon
What is a proverb? A wise saying
What are the 2 choices shown in the book of Proverbs? 1. way of wisdom (righteousness) 2. way of folly (sin, disaster)
Proverbs 31 the virtuous woman
What is Song of Songs (solomon)? collection of descriptive love poetry
Who wrote Song of Songs? Abishag
What are the 3 symbols in which song of songs embodies? 1. husband and wife 2. Israel and God 3. Church and Christ
When was Israel divided into 2 kingdom? After Solomon's death
How many tribes were in the southern kingdom? 2- Judah and Benjamin
Who were the the enemies of the southern kingdom? babylonians-captivity
How many dynasties did the southern kingdom have? 1
Who was the first king of the southern kingdom? Rehoboam
Who were the enemies of the northern kingdom? assyrians- destroy them
How many dynasties did the northern kingdom have? 8, 19 kings
Who was the first king of the northern kingdom? Jereboam
What 4 things did Jereboam do? 1. designates Dan and Bethel as worship sites 2. Erects golden calves at each site 3. anyone can be a priest 4. changes days of religious celebration
What is a prophet? men and women whom God calls to announce and illuminate his will and work in history
What is a prophet's task? foretell and forth tell
What is a prophet's message? judgment for sin, salvation upon repentance
What are the 2 promises God makes to the prophets? 1. presence- he will be with them 2. power- enable them to do what he asks
What is a prophets function? to be the "spokesperson for God"
What is a false prophet? a prophet who speaks words other than God's
722 B.C northern kingdom captured by assyrians
606 B.C 1st invasion of Judah by babylonians
597 B.C 2nd invasion by babylonians
596 B.C 3rd invasion, Solomon's temple destroyed
536 B.C 1st restoration- led by zerubbabel
520 B.C restart temple construction
516 B.C completion of zerubbabel's temple
Amos a shepard and gardener from Judah. Was a prophet in Israel. Thunders God's judgement.
How did Isreal sin in the time of Amos? Rich oppress the poor, buisness people cheat the poor, rich foreclose on the smallest debt, bribery necessary to receive fair judgement
Isaiah the messianic prophet
Isiah 40 greatness of God
King Ahab Evil King, him and his wife Jezabel combine to be the most wicked duo.
Athaliah daughter of Ahab and Jezabel
Elijah God's most powerful prophet
How many miracles did Elijah perform? 8
Who is Elijah's succesor? Elisha
Elisha Israel's leading citizen for sixty years. Sixten recorded miracles.
Jehoshaphat Riteous, but didn't eraticate the pagan places of worship. Personally obedient.
Hezekiah Riteous king compared to David. Destoryed pagan places of worship. Demonstrates what it means to take your problems to the lord. Recites his riteous deeds to live fiftenn more years.
Josiah The "boy king". Last godly king of Judah. Takes crown at age eight. Finds book of the law.
What are Josiah's actions of renewal? Cleanse the temple of all form of ideolotry; articles made for Baal, remove pagan priest, tore down ashera pole, tore down the quarters of the male shrine prostitues.
Jonah Profit to Ninevah
What are the lessons from Jonah? Can't out run God, national sin demans national repentance, miracles are normal with God, personal presupposition can't get in the way of God's will for our lifes.
Hosea The profit of love; graphically displays God's loving kindness for his children. Shares God's denouncing the moral, religious, and political sin of Israel.
How does Hosea's family reflect Israel's leaving God? Gomer's audulterous relationship, Gomer leaves Hosea and becomes part of some sort of bondage, Hosea buys Gomer at a slave market and bring her home.
Hosea 17 Capture and destruction of northern kingdom *722 B.C.(Know date as well)
Hosea 25 Capture of Judah by Babylonions
457 B.C. Restoration under Ezara
Nehemiah Builder of Jerusalem's walls; burdened and grieved about the daily living conditions in Jerusalem, couldn't hide his grief from the king.
Who are Nehemiah's two enemy's once he is sent to Jerusalem? Sanballet- governor of sameria(land) Tobiah- governor of transjordan(money)
What are the six leadership principles? 1. Know the challenge to be done before sharing it. 2. Assign individuals to the area of their concern. 3. Everyone participated. 4. Praise before every challenge. 5. Doesn't allow fear to stop the work. 6. Doesn't talk when he should be working.
Created by: Flidisha



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