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Path 7

Neoplasia III pg 7-12 Templeton

Her-2 amplification/overexpression is seen in 20? of what type of carcinoma breast
Herceptin is an anti-______ humanized monoclonal antibody Her2
what are the two major kinds of viral oncogenes integration of proto-oncogene (RNA retrovirus) and True endogenous oncogenes (DNA viruses)
Are retrovirus proto-oncogenes more common in animals or humans animals
what is an example of a viral oncogene that causes human cancer HPV
How does HPV cause cervical cancer E6: inactivates p53 and E7: inactivates RB both are tumor suppressor genes
what is the "two hit" tumor suppressor gene hypothesis both alleles of a tumor suppressor gene must be inactivated in order to achieve the "cancer phenotype"
what is possibly the most commonly mutated gene in human cancer p53 (nuclear phosphoprotein with transcriptional regulatory function)
How does mutant p53 protein differ from the wild type wild type does not have a high level of expression and has a short half life while the mutant is inactive and has a longer half life
what are the main cancer related functions of p53 Regulation of cell cycle, regulation of apoptosis, and regulation of DNA repair
where does p53 regulate the cell cycle stops at the G1 stage before it moves to S stage
Does p53 mutations result directly in cancer not usually but does allow cancer causing genetic changes to occur or accumulate
What is the function of the NER pathway removes a variety of DNA base damages induced by UV irradiation and Chemicals
what is xeroderma pigmentosum an autosomal recessive genetic disorder characterized by defects in the NER pathway
Xeroderma pigmentosum is characterized by defects in what pathway NER pathway
what does NER stand for? Nucleotide excision repair
what effect does UV irradiation have on DNA UV irradiation causes the formation of chemical cross links between adjacent pyrimidine bases in DNA (C and T)
When UV causes the formation of chemical cross links between bases C and T what is more mutagenic? DNA base C or T C
In NER deficient cells non-repaired dimers lead to what type of mutation during DNA synthesis Missense
How far past the skin does UV radiation penetrate? UV radiation does not penetrate past the skin
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