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What is the First step in an Emergency? Check
What is the second step in an Emergency? Call
What is the third step in an Emergency? care
what do you cheack the scene
what is the big D DANGER
what numbers can you call 9-1-1,#77,1-800-222-1222,2-1-1
if you see two people laying on the ground one is unconchess the outher is not witch one u help first the one unconchess
how many steps are there 3
T or F the more people there is the less likely someone is to do anything T
what law proteks you from geting sued the good samaritan law
how do youno its an emergency sneses
other than the good samaritan law what protects you act resonable,stay within your training,you gain consent (permission),you do not abandon them
what do you if you see some body choking ask them if your choking,you tell them your name,tell them your traind,ask them to help
if a child is choking and a babysiter is no you can't help what do you do help them anyways
if a child is choking and parent says you can't help what do you do DO NOT TOUCH THE CHILD,call the cops,monitor
PPE means Persinol Protective Equipment
list three things that will help you protect your self gloves,long sleeveshirt,glasses ect.
name four bodyfluids blood,saliva,urine,feces
what do you do fore a bio-hazard till the ambulance gets there put a bag in a bag then put what ever you need in it
how do you make direct contact kissing,open woond
Created by: Aaron Bentley
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