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lesson one health &


What is the number to State police? #77
What is the First Step in an Emergency? Check
What is the Second Step in an Emergency? Call
What is the Thrid Step in an Emergency? Care
What is the Big "D" Danger
What is the number to Poision Control? 1-800-222-1222
What is the number to Dispatcher? 9-1-1
What is the number to Emergncy Social Sevrices? 2-1-1
Why do you need to see if there is any danger? so your not a second vitctom
How do you make your own Bio-Hassered? use two ziplock bages
What is physically coming into contact with body fluids? Driect Contacct
What would you wear in the "PPE"? gloves,long sleves, and glasses
What do you do in verbally conset? say ur name and say im sertified and the ask if i can help
If they say what do you do? dont touch them just call 911 and dont leave them
What is the "PPE" Personal Protective Equipment
what are the 4 body fludies are there? bloood,savila,urine,feces
What are the three "P" Presever life, Prevent futher injury, and promote recovery.
How do you know who to help first? if someone is uncontions or if you that the person has a heart problem.
What do you protect on someone when they go uncontions? there head
What law procects you from being sewid? good samartion law
Created by: Berger Emileigh
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