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lesson 2

What is Respiratory distress? when someone is struggling to get air
What are the signs you must recognize for choking? .Coughing forcefully .The universal sign for choking.
What should you do!! Steps #1-tell them to keep coughing #2-have someone call 9-1-1 #3-Stay with them
Why tell them to keep coughing? They may be able to cough the object up on their own.When they are coughing they are still getting air at that point.
Why call 9-1-1? Even if they are coughing and getting air.they may lose air at some point,they also may have damaged their airway from what they are choking on.
What happens when they stop coughing? when they stop coughing you are now looking at a Respiratory arrest situation,you will then need to begin the life saving techniques used when somebody's airway is completely blocked
What is Respiratory arrrest? When somebody is NOT getting any air
How do I gain Expressed consent?(permission) .say your name .say you're trained .ask if you can help
What is the first step for caring for the person? Position yourself beside them with one foot up next to theirs, put your back leg behind them so you can catch them if they become unconsious.reach your left arm across their chest,reach for opposite shoulder.bend them over until they face the floor.
What is the second step for caring for the person? Place the heel of one hand between their shoulder blades.Give 5 back blows you should hear a hollow sound when your are hitting the right spot.stand them back up and place yourself beside them.
What is the last step for caring for the person? find their navel(belly button) and place two fingers above it.place your fist where your fingers are with your thumb against the stomach.reach around them with the other hand,and hold your fist.give 5 quick upper thrusts on the diaphragm
Whats a diaphragm? The diaphragm is a muscle that is located below the lungs and above the stomach when giving abdomanal thrusts you are pushing up the diaphragm and forcing air out the lungs to push the object out
When do I stop? continue the five and five technique until: .the object is forced out .the person becomes unconscious *(5 and 5)is five back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts*
What if they become unconscious? if they become unconscious at any point lock your arms under their shoulders and pull them towards your body support their body and head as you lower them to the ground always be aware of their head as you gently lay it on the ground.
what is a respiratory emergency? concious choking
Created by: HaileeMcRoy