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Age of Catastrophes

Totalitarian State a country with a one party dictatorship that controls every aspect of life
Collectives large communal farms owned and operated by peasants
Globalization Idea where something that was originally a local idea or product spreads all over the world
Flappers women in the 1920’s who became more independent, going out at night and getting educated rather than going straight into marriage
Speculation When someone continues to buy more and more stocks because they believe the price will continue to go up and up
Margin Buying Paying for part of a stock and borrowing the rest of the money from a Stock Broker who would charge the person interest until the loan was paid off
Panic A widespread fear concerning financial matters that makes people take extreme measures to protect their money
Fascism A one party dictatorship controlling every aspect of life but is NEVER communist
Nazism A specific non communist party dictatorship that controlled all of life and also believed in anti-Semitism
Public Works Programs Government plan that provides jobs building public facilities such as schools, roads, etc. to increase employment and end economic depressions
Red Scare Western nations began passing anti-communist legislation such as deporting, jailing, and interrogating anyone believed to have communist connections
Joseph Stalin Communist leader of The Soviet Union during WWII
The Great Purge Included Show Trials where people were publically tortured leading to the death/disappearance of as many as 20 million people in the Soviet Union
Black Tuesday Nickname for the day in 1929 when the stock market crashed in the United States
Franking D. Roosevelt President of the United States who is accredited with ending the Great Depression and was president during WWII
New Deal Plan for ending the Great Depression that included 3 R’s: Relief, Recovery, Reform
Hirohito Emperor of Japan during WWII. The military truly ran the country though.
Manchurian Incident Japan blew up its own railway line in China in order to blame China and have an excuse to invade the country and gain more power
Benito Mussolini Fascist leader of Italy during WWII
Dawes Plan Helped the Weimer Republic recover from The Treaty of Versailles by allowing them to control industrial land and lowering reparations
Adolf Hitler Fuhrer (leader) of Germany during WWII
Mein Kampf Book written by Adolf Hitler that outlined the goals of Nazism including Anti-Semitism and the superiority of Germans
Appeasement International policy that involves giving into the demands of an aggressive country in order to keep peace
Blitzkrieg German strategy to do a series of quick constant attacks to keep the enemy from easily responding
Kamikaze Japanese suicide bombers
Nuremberg Laws Passed in 1935 that limited the rights of Jewish people and urged unprovoked violence against them
Night of the Broken Glass As retaliation to the killing of a German Diplomat in Paris by a young Jewish boy, Hitler’s regime entered Jewish Ghettos and began destroying buildings, burning synagogues, and beating Jewish people in the streets
Axis of Evil Alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan
Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWII
Lend-Lease Act Roosevelt declared that the United States, despite its neutrality, could lend war materials to any country whose defense is important to keep the US safe (lead to only helping the Allied Powers)
Atlantic Charter Agreement between The United States and Great Britain that people have the right to chose how they are governed, so the United States will only lend arms to those fighting for freedom
D-Day June 1944 when the Allied forces opened their European front against Germany with the invasion of Normandy France
VE-Day May 1945 when the War in Europe ended
Island Hopping Nickname for the Allied campaign in the Pacific where United States troops went from one island to another retaking Japanese controlled lands
Manhattan Project Secret mission in the United States where a group of international scientists became experimenting and eventually successfully testing an atomic bomb in New Mexico
Nuremberg Trials Axis powers were convicted for crimes against humanity that resulted from the Holocaust and Japanese actions associated with The Manchurian Incident and the Rape of Nanjing
United Nations Organization dedicated to keeping World Peace through international peace keeping missions
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