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Health Tets

Study cards for health test on 11/29/12

What Is A Dieseas Condition that interfears with the proper function of the body
Communicable Diseases are a disease that can spread
Germs are organisms so small, they can only be seen under a microscope
Pathogens are Germs responsible for causing disease
Infection is a condition that occurs when pathogens enter the body, multiply and damage body cells.
Three types of pathogens and their meaning Visuses- stomach virus Bacteria- strep throat Fungi-athletes foot
4 ways pathogens spread are: Contaminated food, contact with animals, Indirect contact, and Direct contacts with otheres
5 Barriers of immune system are: Tears,saliva,skin,stomach acid,Mucous membranes
A noncummunicable disease is A disease that can not spread
Noncommunicable diseases are caused by Present at birth,behaivor choices,environmental factors
3 types of noncommunicable diseases are Cancer,HIV, and alergies
What is Hygiene? Habits and practices that keep you clean and healthy
3 ways to care for your hair are Brush,shampoo, cut it regularly
3 ways to care for your teeth are Brush,floss and mouthwash
3 ways to care for your face/body are Take showers,deodorant, and sunscreen
Created by: 14rshanahan