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CCD test 11/28

Jesus the son of God and the savior. truly God and truly man
trinity the mystery of God in three persons God the son, God the father and God the holy spirit
Pascal Mystery suffering, death,resurrection, and ascension of Jesus
faith a gift from God to believe and trust when we don't understand
how does God reveal himself? scripture and tradition
scripture the word of God in the bible
tradition the revelation of God through beliefs handed down by the church from the time of the apsotles
command of jesus love one another as i have loved you
gospel good news that jesus' life,death, and resurrection have freed us from the power of sin and death
inspiration the action of God that directs people to write what he wants made known through their own language and style
new testament 27 books that are arranged to the kind of writing
what do the infancy narratives proclaim proclaim the good news that jesus is the son of god and savior of the world
what privileges did God give Mary immaculate conception, virgin birth, and the assumption
why did jesus come? "So that they might have live ad have it more abundantly"
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