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Obiol- India/ China

Mandate of Heaven belief that a king is chosen by heavenly order because of his talent and virtue
Harrapans a peaceful people who farmed and traded with their neighbors
Dynasty line of rulers from the same family
Sanskrit written language developed by the Aryans
Aristocrat noble whose wealth came from land ownership
Oracle Bones the oldest example of writing in China; used to tell the future
Daoism taught that people should turn to nature and give up worldly desires
Caste System Social group that a person is born into and cannot change
Legalism taught that humans are naturally evil and therefore need to be ruled by harsh laws
Confucianism taught that people needed to have a sense of duty to their family and community in order to bring peace
centralized government A system in which the rulers run the government from a capital city
determines a person's job, social group, and marriage caste system
silk, tea, spices sent out of China on the Silk Road
If a couple in India had no children, the man could marry another wife
Indian astronomers recognized that the Earth revolved around the sun
Manny Indian marriages, even today, are arranged
became popular because it rejected the caste system Buddhism
Reincarnation Belief that people pass through many lives
pay their rent by giving the landlord a portion of their crops tenant farmers
Upper caste boys had a ___ to teach them guru
Golden Age of Indian Culture Gupta Empire
based his rule on the ideas of legalism Qin Shihuangdi
used caste system to help rule people who outnumbered them Aryans
Chinese inventions that allowed soldiers to fight on horseback saddle and stirrups
period of violence in China that made people look for ways to restore order Warring States Period
Indian _______________________ recognized that the Earth revolved around the sun astronomers
Only _________ of China's land is good for farming. one- tenth
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