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World History CH.7

5th Grade History Ch. 7

What is the world's longest river? Nile
What is the world's largest desert? Sahara
What does Pharaoh mean? great house
What did the Egyptians use for irrigation? shadoof
What is a period of serious shortage of food? famine
What is a highland plain called? plateau
What is the name for the low land between hills or mountains? valley
What is a deep narrow valley with steep sides called? canyon
What is a flat or level area of land called? plain
Which Bible character became a vizier in Egypt? Joseph
What was the key to understanding the meaning of hieroglyphics? Rosetta Stone
What are the three Egyptian seasons? flood, planting, and harvest
What is the largest pyramid still standing today? Great Pyramid
Which king united Upper and Lower Egypt? Menes
Who was the first pharoah? Akhenaton
Who built the Great Pyramid as his tomb? King Khufu
Who was ancient Egypt's only woman pharoah? Queen Hatshepsut
What peninsula has been a land bridge between Africa and Asis? Sinai Peninsula
What is the world's second largest continent? Africa
What is the highest mountain in Africa? Kilimanjaro
What is a landform that rises higher than a hill called? mountain
What is the secretary to the ruler in court called? scribe
What is another name for Egypt? Gift of the Nile
Who is the next in importance to the king? vizier
Mt. Kilimanjaro is not part of a mountain range. It is an? extinct volcano
What is a piece of land that has slowly built up over the years by the deposit of loose sand and soil at the mouth of a river? delta
What are the rock beds piled high in a river creating small waterfalls called? cataracts
What was the first capital of Egypt? Memphis
What is the capital of Egypt now? Thebes
What do we call the area near Thebes that the pharoahs used as a cemetery? Valley of the Kings
Which pharoah has a tomb that is more famous than he is? King Tutankhamen
The early ancient Egyptians wrote using a system of pictures called? hieroglyphics
What is a long roll of paper called? scroll
What was used to make the world's first paperlike material? papyrus
What pet was considered sacred by the Egyptians? cat
What do we call the tall, pointed pillars that were built to represent the sun god Ra? obelisk
What do we call a body wrapped and preserved for eternal life? mummy
What monument has the head of a man and the body, legs, and paws of a lion? Sphinx
Which desert covers most of Egypt? Sahara Desert
Give the two reasons that Egypt declined in power. the Egyptian priests and nobles began fighting among themselves for power and the Egyptians did not have iron to produce strong weapons like their enemies
What happened during the flood season? the people worked on their buildings
What happened during the planting season? the people planted their crops
What happened during the harvest season? the people gathered their crops
What two landforms provided protection to Egypt? Sahara Desert and cataracts in the Nile River
How did the Sahara Desert provide protection to Egypt? because it is hot and has little water, it discouraged people who may want to invade
How did the cataracts in the Nile River provide protection to Egypt? they made it almost impossible for people to invade by means of the Nile River
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