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World Geo Final Voca

Stack #110372

geography the study of the distribution and interaction of physical and human features on the earth
absolute location the exact place on earth where a geographic feature is found
relative location describes a place in comparison to other places around it
equator the imaginary line that divides the north and south halves
prime meridian the imaginary line dividing the earth east and west
latitude a set of imaginary lines that run parallel to the equator
longitude a set of imaginary lines that go around the earth over the poles
cartographer a mapmaker
map projections a way of drawing the earths surface that reduces distortion caused by presenting a round earth on flat paper
topographic map a represetnation of natural and man-made features on the earth
continents landmasses above the water on earth, that fit together like a huge jigsaw puzzle
solar system consists of the sun and nine known plantes as well as other celestial bodies that orbit the sun
core is the center of the earth and is made up of iron and nickel
mantle surrounding the core, that has several layers
magma molten rock, that forms in the mantle and rises through the crust
crust the thin layer of rock at the earths surface
atmosphere surrounding the earth that is a layer of gases
lithosphere solid rock portion of the earths surface which includes the crust and the uppermost mantle
hydrosphere made up of the water elements on the earth
biosphere the part of the earth where plants and animals live made up of the atmosphere, lithosphere and the hydrosphere
continental drift a therory that maintained the idea that the earth was once a supercontinent that divided slowly drifted apart over millions of years
hydrologic cycle the continuous circulation of water between the atmosphere, the oceans, and the earth
ground water the water held in the pores of rock
water basin the level of which the rock is saturated marks the rim of the....
continental shelf the earths surface from the edge of a continent to the deep part of the ocean
relief the difference in elevation of a landform from its lowest point to its highest point
topography is the combination of the surface shape and composition of the landforms and their distribution in a region
tectonic plates enormous moving pieces of the earths lithosphere
divergent boundary plates move apart spreading horizontally
convergent boundary plates collide causing one plate to dive under the other
transform boundary plates slide past one another
fault rock that will crack under the pressures exerted by the plate movement
earthquake as plate grind or slip past each other, the earth shakes or trembles
seismograph detects earthquakes
epicenter the point directly above the focus on the earths surface
richter scale determines the relative strength of an earthquake
tsunami a giant wave in the ocean sometimes caused by an earthquake
volcano the materials pour out of a crack in earths surface, most of them are found along tectonic plate boundaries
Ring of Fire a zone around the rim of the Pacific Ocean and is the location of the vast majority of active volcanoes
weathering a physical and chemical process that change the characteristics of rock
sediment weathering process creates smaller and smaller pieces of rock called
mechanical weathering a process that breaks rock into smaller pieces
chemical weathering occurs when rock is changed into a new substance as a result of interaction between elements in the air or water and the minerals in the rock
delta when a river enters the ocean, the sediment is deposited in a fan-like landform called
loess wind-blown silt and clay sediment that produce very fertile soil
glacier a large long-lasting mass of ice that moves because of gravity
glaciation the changing of landforms by slowly moving glaciers
humus organic material
solstice when the suns rays shine directly overhead at noon
equinox the days and nights all over the world are equal length
weather the condition of atmosphere at a particular time and location
climate is the term for weather conditions at a particular location over a long period of time
hurricane storms that form over warm, tropical ocean waters
typhoons a word in Asia for hurricane
tornado a powerful funnel shaped column of spiraling air
blizzard a heavy snowstorm with winds of more than 35 miles per hour
drought a long period of time without rain or with very minimul rainfall
provinces political units
confederation political union
parliment a system in which legislative and executive functions are combined ina legislature
prime minister head of the government
slash-and-burn cut trees, brush, and grasses and burned the debris to clear a field
terraced farming an ancient technique for growing crops on hillsides or mountain slopes
infastructure the basic support systems needed to keep an economy going
global warming the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere preventing heat from escaping into space and causing rising temperatures and shifting weather patterns
biodiversity a wide range of plant and animal species
basins depressions
rift valleys land that sank to form long, thin valley's
Nile River worlds longest river
escarpment a steep slope with a nearly flat plateau on top
Olduvai Gorge a site of fossil beds in northern Tanzania containing the most continuous known record of hunamity over the past two million years including fossils from 65 hominids
cash crops crops that bring in money to the country
pandemic uncontrolable out-break of diease
apartheid a policy of complete separartion of the races, instituted by the white minority gorvernment of South Africa
drip irrigation the practice of using small pipes that slowly drip water just above the ground to conserve water used for crops
desalinization the removal of salt from ocean water
fossil water water pumped from underground aquafiers
crude oil petroleum that has not been prossesed
refinery a place where crude oil is pumped from the ground and placed
Mecca the holiest city of Islam
Islam a monotheistic religion based on the teachings of its founder, the prophet Muhammed
mosque a place of worship
OPEC the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries; a group establish in 1960 to coordinate polocies on selling pretoleum products
Created by: audwad57
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