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first city-state Sumeria
invented WRITTEN language, known as cuneiform Sumeria
inventions include the plow, sailboat, the wheel Sumeria
divided a circle into 360 equal parts Sumeria
created a 12 month CALENDAR based on the lunar cycle Sumeria
used KEYSTONES to build arches Sumeria
Code of Hammurabi Babylonian code of laws that focused on revenge, better than previous law codes which did not protect the weak or poor
known for astronomy Babylonia
Gate of Ishtar and the Hanging Gardens built by Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, considered two of the Wonders of the Ancient World
first LIBRARY Assyria
built a system of ROADS Assyria
first standing ARMY Assyria
the vastness of the empire became to big to control and they eventually lost it Assyria
an area of land that stretched from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf; enabled the first settlers to farm Fertile Crescent
fist to use PEACE TREATY Hittites
set of laws that focused on paying fines rather than revenge Hittites
ruled by famous King Labarnas Hittites
pyramid like temples for worshipping ziggurat
city-state a self governing unit of cities and the surrounding area
known as the "Cradle of Civilization", but the word means the land between the rivers Mesopotamia
site of the first LIBRARY Ninevah
building dams, channels, and ditches to bring water to crops irrigation
belief in more than one god polytheism
record keepers who often went on to become government officials scribes
characteristics of a civilization stable food supply, specialization of labor, government, geographical boundaries, highly developed culture, social levels, written language
Used a 7 day week, mapped the stars, planets, phases of the moon, created a sundial Chaldean achievements
Why was farming so important to human history? It allowed humans to settle in villages, maintain a surplus of food, gave rise to specializations of labor which gave rise to civilization
Rights of Sumerian women buy and sell property, run businesses
What is a class structure? Levels of the social classes with the presence of a ruling wealthy upper class, a working middle class, and a poor/slave lower class.
Created by: Arsenault209