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Egypt Test

Full test for Ancient Egypt

Which area of Egypt is located north of the other? Lower Egypt
Which direction does the Nile flow, and what body of water does it empty into? North, Mediterranean Sea
Hieroglyphics were translated by using what? Rosetta Stone
What was the purpose of building a pyramid? To bury the pharaoh and his family
The ______________ was the resting place for 30 NEW KINGDOM pharaohs. Valley of the Kings
What allowed the Egyptians to farm the desert land they lived in? The flooding of the Nile AND irrigation
What substance was paper-like? papyrus
Short answer: Name three ways in which the river allowed the Egyptians to survive in the desert. Options: 1. Water for people, animals, and crops 2. Silt/good dirt for farming 3. Travel by boat 4. Food for hunting
The pharaoh was considered a ____, ____, and ____ in the Old Kingdom. king, priest, god
The _________ River is the river that flowed through ancient Egypt. Nile
___________ is the type of picture writing used by the Egyptians. Hierglyphics
A ___________ is a waterfall cataract
Fertile soil is soil that is good for ________. farming
Egyptians believed in the ___________, or life after death afterlife
Egyptian kings were known as __________. pharaohs
The Nile delta is where the Nile River ______ ends
A scribe's job is to ______________ read and write
________ is soil that a flooded river leaves when it shrinks back down. silt
A _________ is a body that is preserved (still has dried skin and hair). mummy
Short answer: Why did people try to preserve the bodies of the dead? The Egyptians preserved the bodies so they could go to the afterlife.
2700-2200 Pharaohs were buried in pyramids Over 80 pyramids were built Upper and Lower Egypt are unified by Narmer. Which kingdom? Old Kingdom
The pharaohs were at their weakest 2100-1800 BC The Nile delta was taken over by the Hyksos Advances in art, literature, and science. Which kingdom? Middle Kingdom
1500-1000 BC The first woman pharaoh, Hatshepsut Traded for god, ivory, wood, skins, and metal The last great pharaoh, Ramses II. Which kingdom? New Kingdom
Created by: dcollier