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Religion (Part 4)

Social Justice And The Common Good

What is justice? The quality of being fair and reasonable. Behaviour that is just.
What are the four features of a just society? Common good, has pretential concern for the poor, value the dignity of work and respect for the environment.
Describe the community you are apart of. Why is it important for your faith development? I am apart of a Rebecca's community / Monica's community, it is important for my faith development because as a community, we share the same interests and we can learn and develop in the same way.
Who is an advocate and describe what they did to advocate for social justice. Martin Luther King was a Christian minister who fought for the rights of Africans. He set up marches and made speeches. Martin did all he could to fight for their right, he was arrested many times but did not give up.
What qualities did Martin Luther King have? Persistence, bravery, empathy, kindness, care and love.
Pick an organisation and describe what it is. The St Vincent De Paul organisation helps aged people, has free accommodation homes for the homeless, free food services, drug and alcohol rehab centres, finds employment for the disabled and many more things.
Why is it important for us to realise that we live in a community? We need to see our lives as connected with those around us and we should all be treated with respect.
Why does a human person have dignity and worth? We are all made in the image and likeness of God.
What is the common good and why is it important? When you concern for your whole community and it is important because it holds society together.
What is compassion? A word that comes from the Latin word 'compassio' meaning to suffer with another. It means to feel the suffering of others.
Describe a just society. A society where there is no homeless on the street, the poor are catered for, there is equality of opportunities, the colour of skin, race or religion does not determine social status. A place where there is freedom and education is for the rich and poor.
What are the 7 corporal works of mercy? Feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, visiting the imprisoned, sheltering the homeless, visiting the sick and burying the dead.
How do the 7 corporal works of mercy say we should treat the poor? We should feed them, clothe them and shelter them.
Describe the difference between acts of social justice and acts of charity. An act of social justice is giving its members what they deserve as a right, not as a gift or charity. Charity is giving out of empathy.
Describe one act of social justice you might be involved in on a local, national and global level. local level - donate to a bushfire appeal. national level - recycle clothing in the st. vincent de paul bin. global level - giving money to caritas during lent.
What are the advantages of being part of a community? In our lives we are connected with others. We meet new people and everyone is treated equally and with respect.
What are the disadvantages of being part of a community? At times we don't agree with the communities decision. There could be fights between religions and we don't get the privacy we need.
What is dignity? The quality of being respected.
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