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Relationships? Connections between people
Freedom? The capacity to do what we want
Consequence? Something that happens as a result of an action/choice
UDHR? Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Give 3 examples from the UDHR To life, to a nationality, to education
Influence? Something that effects a persons behavior/decisions
Give 3 examples of influences in peoples lives Friends, family and the media
Sources of morality? Friends, family, religion, school and the state
Moral vision? Awareness of what is right or wrong witch guides a persons choices
Name a person with a moral vision and outline one thing they do Justin Timberlake. Work for Shriners hospitals
Informal codes? Unwritten rules
Give an example of an informal code Dont go after your friends boyfriend
Formal codes? Written official rules (laws)
Give an example of a formal code Dont drink and drive
Give 2 examples of moral codes The beatitudes, the Ten Commandments
Golden rule? Treat people like you would like to be treated yourself
Authority? Person or group that makes and carries out decisions for a community or state
Give an example of authority The Pope (Catholic church)
Tradition? Guidance or knowledge that is handed on
Give an example of tradition Sacred text
Religious moral vision? Awareness of what is right or wrong, as revealed by the scared text or founder of a community of faith
Stages of moral growth Moral immaturity,moral steps,moral sheep,moral society,moral maturity
Quote on conscience The person that loses their conscience has nothing left worth keeping -Izaak Walton
How does our conscience guide us? By using SIM. Seeing the difference between right and wrong, lets us know when we have made a good or bad choice. Inner sense of what is right and wrong. Magnet draws us toward what we feel is right.
Conscience? Ability for judging the best thing to do when free to choose
How do you make a moral decision? Using D.E.C.I.D.E Define the facts. Experience. Consequences. Inner Self. Decide.Evaluate
Euthanasia? Assisted sucide
Forgiveness? Pardoning, excusing or making allowance for an offecne
Stewardship? The job of caring for something that belongs to another
Lack of stewardship include.. Global warming, damage to the ozone layer, and acid rain
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