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HS-I Legal/Ethical

Review for Legal/Ethical

What are the 2 types of civil law? Torts & Contracts
What are the 3 parts of a contract? offer, acceptance, & consideration
What is information that is shared within a protected relationship called? Privileged Communication
Who are 3 groups of people considered legally disabled? under age 18, unconscious/semi-conscious, & mentally incompetent
What term is used to describe when a person is harmed due to another person's actions? Tort
What are the 2 types of contracts? implied and expressed
What is a threat or attempt to injure? assault
A person who is under the influence of drugs does not have the legal capacity to form a contract because he/she has a what? legal disability
What term describes the fact that information about a patient must remain private? confidentiality
What does the acronym PSDA stand for? Patient Self-Determination Act
What should you do if you are a health care worked and you make a mistake? report it to your supervisor
When can a health care worker accept a tip or a bribe? Never
What term describes a standard code of conduct for health professionals? Ethics or Code of Ethics
What is permission granted voluntarily by a person who is of sound mind after the procedure has been explained in terms the person can understand? Informed Consent
What kind of contract exists when a nurse is holding a thermometer and says "put this under your tongue" and the patient puts the termometr under his or her tongue? Implied contract
What do the initials HIPAA stand for? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
What patient's rights document applies to persons in long-term care facilities (nursing home) Resident's Bill of Rights
A document that a person signs to indicate he/she does not want to be resuscitated when he/she stops breathing is called what? Living will
Keeping someone in the hospital against their will could be an example of what? False Imprisonment
Jane's father signs a document saying that Jane will make decisions for him once he is unable to make decisions is call what? Healthcare Power of Attorney (Durable Power of Attorney)
What term describes when someone says something about another person that is not true and damages the victim's reputation Slander
What term describes when failure to give care that is normally expected? Negligence
What term describes when false statements cause a person to be ridiculed? Defamation
What is a wrongful act that does not involve a contract and causes harm to another called? Tort
Created by: kbailey