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Chp. 4 ap review

Case study 1 : Why dont Abipones eat hen and tortoises? believes it makes them cowardly
Case Study 1: Why dont Ainu people eat otters? Believe they cause memory loss
Case Study 1 : Why dont Mbum Kpau women dont eat chicken,goat, and antelopes with twisted horns before getting pregnant? Helps escape pain and gives less chance if a baby with deformites
What are the 3 things culture combinds ? Values,Materials,and Political Institutions
How does culture travel ? Through migration
When do diffrences between two groups of culture emerge? with lack of interaction
Where do material culture comes from ? From everyday survival activites like food,shelter,
where do culture activties come from? Refers to a groups entire collection, comes from lesiure time like art, music
What are the two group culture can fall into ? Folk or Popular culture
What are the 2 aspects geographers look at in both cultures ? First where the culture is located and sencound the cultures relation with material and physical culture
How do geographers study social customs ? by its origin , its diffusion, and its interagration with other social customs
Why is popular culture more widely spread than Folk ? Because it has better comunications unlike Folk who has a lack of it
What is the diffrence between the changing of landscapes of folk and pop culture ? Folk landscapes change little over time , but Pop changes rapidly because of rapid diffusion through cmmunication
Folk culture varys in what ? More likely to vary place to place by time
Pop culture varys in what ? From time to time in a given place
The dissaperance of folk customs can cause what ? Lack of local diversity
Where are folk culture hearths found ? Usally anonymos, orginting from an anonomyus source
Where are Pop culture hearths found ? In MDC often in North America ,Western Europe, and Japan make music and fast food
What does folk music do ? Tell a story ,daily activites, and life-cycles
When was music invented ? in 2697 BC when the Emperor sent a man to cut bamboo poles that would make a sound in china
What is popular music made for ? to be sold to large amount of people
Where did pop music orginate ? in the 1900s in Tin Pan Alley, NY
What was the tin pan alley ? And where did it move to ? were they produce music sheets and sold move to broadway
What shows were being held ? uk called them music halls and u.s. called them vasudeville got their musci from tin pan alley
When did tin pan alley ended ? How did the music spread ? After world war 2, through radios in the war
What is the best way pop culture diffuse ? Hierachical Diffusion- the diffusion of an idea of a person with a authority to other places
What countries write in english ? Japan , poland and russia
When did hip hop start ? and who started it ? In 1970 in South Bronx NY, and puerto ricans and aficans of low income who lives in the neighbrohoods
What is the best way Folk culture diffuse? Relocation diffusion - when people move and idea physically
When did the Amish start ? In the 1600s , Jakob Anman and gathered a group from europe and move to the isolated regions in the us
Why did the amish leave ans start their own religon ? Believed in the basic of the bible , antibaptist
What were the two migration flown the amish moved in? 1.with the offer of cheep land 2.came to pennsylvania
Why did the amish move from pennsylvania to kentucky ? It was cheaper and they needed more land to give to their sons
How did folk culture sports migrated ? Through individuals
What is the most popular sport ? soccer
What is the orgin of soccer ? They dont know but it was first documented in England on the 11th Century
When did the transformation of soccer start ? Soccer wast founded in Britiana and football clubd made an association to orginize professional leauges, It was first played by dutch students and taken by spanish engineer and took it to spain
What is the most popular sport found in Britian and former brithish colonies ? Cricket
What sport is played in colder climates, like canada europe russica ? Ice hockey
What sport is played in china ? marshel arts aka wushu
What sport is played in North America and Japan? baseball
Where was lacrosse founded ? By the Irpquois confedration of six nations
What two things influence the distinctive distributions of Folk culture ? Culture and Physical
How does the physical enviroment affect human actions ? It affects the food that is made the clothes that are worn and the shelters built
Why do the Duch and netherlands were woden shoes ? They are waterproof and because of enviromental conditions
How is food so greatly influenced by the enviroment ? They must consider soil,vegatation, climate to produce food mostly in LDC
What is a bostan ? a small comunity garden in side Istanbol Turkey
How did asia adapt to the food they grow ? they grow rice because of milder climate and moister, grow wheat in the colder and dryee regions
How does Europe adapt to the food they grow ? Make quick frying foods, from fuel shortage
How Northern Europe adapt to food they grow ? Wood supply roast food
Soy beans provide what to asia ? Great source of protein but raw are toxic but fuel is scarce so asia has adapted
According to nature what does each item have ? A distinctive reason people aviod or desire
What dont the hebrew eat ? animals that dont chew ,have cloven feet, or no fins or scales
What cant muslims eat ? pork
what dont the hindus eat ? Cow
What are folk houses detrmined by ? Culture and nature
What are the twon mian natural resources that are used to build houses ? wood- because its easy to build with Brick- easy to use in hot climates
What roof is built in wet snowyy climatess / Pitched roof helps makes runoffs
What materials do MDC use to build houses ? Lumber,Shingles,aluminum,stucco,vinly
How are folk customs developed ? Through centuries of being isolated
Buddhists customs are ? Art made figures that looked like saints an monks that looked terifying reflecting the inhospitable enviroment
Hindus customs are ? Art showed secens from everyday life reflecting the regions harsh climate and diety
Muslims Customs are ? Art showed pretty flowers and places because religon prohibts displayinf animate objects
Animists customs are ? Art showed symbols from there religon rather than enviroment
How are the houses organized in Java ? Front door faces south direction of the south sea goddess east wallscared in fiji and North east walls scared in china
How do the people in Lao arranged their beds ? Their head is consider high and noble and their feet so they sleep opposite than neighbros head feet head feet
How are the houses arranged in Madagascar ? Main door west , North east corner mostly scared North wall is for honoring form ancestor guest sit along north wall
What are the 3 main hearths for u.s folk housing ? new england , mid alantic, and lower chesapeak bay
Lower Chesapeake bay tidewater house , 1 story w/ chimney, along the southeast coast
Middle Alantic The I house 2 stories 1 room deep 2 room wides westward along the ohio valley and south westward along the appalachian mts,
New england Northward to upper new england and westward across the great lakes. The saltnox, the capecod, front gable and wing, and the 2 chimne were popular
How does Pop culture increase ? more money and more lesiure time
Where is Bourbon consuption in the us? Uppersouth
Where is tequila consuption in the us? In the southeast near the mexican border
Where is canadian whiskey consuption in the us ? In communites like canda or practice its ways
Why is southeast has low alchol conumption ? Many baptist are clustured
Why is alchol low in utah ? Because of the latter day states
Why is their a high leverl of alchol in Nevada ? much gambling and resorts
Why do texans perfer more torilla chips and westerners perfer whole grain? Texas has more hispanics and westerners are more conserned in their health
How does physical enviroment relates to wine production ? Because wine need moderatly cold rainy winters, and long hot summer near a lake or on a hill side
What are clothing habits reflected by ? income,social forms and occupation?
what influences clothing styles in MDC ? occupation and income
What are today pop culture houses based on ? More with time and fashion than enviroment
What are the groups of modern houses ? Minimal traditonal, ranch house , split lever, contemporary and shed
Minimal traditonal Popular in late 1940s early 1950s 1 story with front gable small usally for young familes or vertrans coming home
Ranch House popular in the 1950-1960 1 story long side parallel to street found in urban areas
Split level popuar in the 1950-1970 bottom level had garage and family room medium level had kitchen and dining rooms upper levels had the rooms
Contemporary popular in late 1960s low or flat roof
Shed popular in late 1960s high roof shaped in diffrent shapes
What are the two main reasons that watching tv has become a popular custom ? most popular lesiure time acticty and is the most importan way of spreading news on pop culture
Where has tv technology developed ? in UK FRANCE GERMANY JAPAN AND SOVIET UNION
Televsion : 1954 us had 86 percent of tv sets in the world 200 per 1,000 compared to 2 to 1,000 globally
Television: 1970 Us still had highest amount europe increasing rapidly still little broadcastion in LDC
Televsion :2005 MDC have similar rates LDC are increasing
Why is the intrnet spreadin at a faster pace than tv ? Better communication
Internet: 1995 40 million user 25 of them in us
Internet : 2000 USA increased from 9 percent to 44 globally went to 361 millon
Internet : 2008 world went to 1.6 billion us decreased to 14 percent
What 2 issues has the diffusion of pop culture cause ? 1. threatning the survial of folk culure 2. Cn cause less diversity and enviromental porbs
What do many fear will happen if people turn away from folk and go to pop? Because the rise of income can fuel demands for possesions of or to new food clothing and shelter
What is the fear of accepting other clothing styles ? Espically in some middle eastern countries ? Loss of social customs and can affect traditonal customs
In asia and africa they wear clothing styles form MDC because ? its the part of the process of replicating symlos showing succses
Pop culture may threaten the way women are subserivent to men by ? By bringing in negative impacts onto their views like sex tours
Why do LDC see MDC media as a threat ? They seea threat to their independence espically from the news
Who dominates the tv industry around the world ? U.S UK JAPAN
US dominates ? Latin America
UK dominates ? Africa
UK dominates ? Africa
Japan Dominates ? South and east asia and some of africa
How do leaders in LDC see the spread of televison as a new method of imperlisom ? As an economic and cultrual influences on the us part
How have LDC aviod the new method of imperlisom ? by baning shows that can change peoples views and making the news media controlled by the gov.
What influences have satelites had ? They force political changes with more varieties of shows people can watch
Why have a number of goverment attempted to ban satellites ? so they can keep their traditional views and customs
What countries are satelites ban from ? China, Singapore and Saudi Arabia
What does pop culture do to they enviroment ? It modifys it to enhance more lesiure activity or to promote sale of a product
Where are golf courses found ? in northcentral sates from kansas to north dakota
Pop culture causes what in places ? uniform landscapes
Why do they want uniform landscapes ? for product recongniton
How was pop culture cause a negative enviromental impact ? by deplition of natural resources and pollution
Which culture cause the most prob.? both
Black book : why did the makah indians satrted to hunt again ? To bring back their traditional customs
How are local cultures sustained? Assimilation
How did the assimilated the natives hear ? By churches,schools,gov agents rewarded people
What is an example of cultural approriation ? by taking a native name and making it the name of your company like the seminoles
What are the 5 ethinic neighbrohoods? little sweden in Kansas, Hasidic jews in Brooklyn, Italians in north end of boston little china town in California , and little havana in Miami
Local and urban cultires do what with their customs ? Kepp it to themseleves not for ecnomic benfit
What site is an example of commodification ? Ebay
What us the biggest challenge for ethinic groups ? If they let others in the will lose their customs
What did we use at first to lose the local ?what do we use now ? At first assmiliation now the media
What did the french due to keep its culture ? Paid coat for French movies. Made 40 % of the radio air time in french
How can local and pop be seen in a cultural landscape ? By the landscapes imprinted by human activity
Created by: BB2424
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