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Ch.4 AP vocab

Custom The repition of an act that then becomes a group activty like
Folk Culture Culture practiced by small homogenous groups in rural areas
Habit a repetitive act done by an individual
Popular Culture Culture practiced by a big heterogenous group in the urdan areas that share the same habits
Taboo a restriction on behavior by a social custom
Terrior the contobution of a lands physical features to how food taste
Assimilation the process where a group of people lose their unique and differentiating traits when they come into contact with another society or culture. It is often used to describe immigrant adaptation to new places of residence.
Commodification The process which an object before wasnt used for selling but now is
Cultrual Apporpriation The process which other cultures adopt customs for their own benfit
Ethnic neighbrohoods A neighbrohod found in urban areas that has folk culture in which they can practice in
Folk Housing regions a region which housing styles reflects styles being practiced in folk culture
Global-local Continuum The world has interconnected seris of relationships anything that happens globally and effect locally and vise-versa
Local Culture A group of people in a particular place who practice the same culture aka Folk culture
Material Culture Includes things of a culture you can see and feel
Neolocalism seeking out regional cuture and spreading it with the unkown modern world
Nonmaterial Culture Objects you cant see feel such as beliefs , practices, values
Placelessness The loss of uniquness of a place
Reterritorilazation When a people within a place start to produce a part of pop culture and change the traits to suit their needs
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