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13 & 14 chapter

Germanic invaders who stormed Rome could not read or write. This led to a decline in ___________ Learning
Germanic speaking peoples began to mix with Roman populations which caused the language of Latin to change and evolve. What are some languages that have evolved gram Latin? French, Spanish, and other Roman-based languages
After the Roman Empire's decline, invaders from many different __________ groups overran the western half of the Roman Empire. Germanic
Religious communities are called _________. Monasteries
Monasteries became Europe's best _______ communities. Educated
Gregory I, expanded _______ power when he became pope. Church
_________ rulers made up the Carolingian Dynasty. Frankish
What did Charlemagne accomplish during his reign? Spread learning, spread Christianity, and reunited Western Europe
_______________ divided Charlemagne's empire into 3 sections. Treaty of Verdun
___________ is a military and political system based on land ownership and personal loyalty. Feudalism
Name the 3 groups of invaders that completely destroyed the Carolingian Empire. Muslims, Vikings, and Magyars
_______ were invaders from Scandinavia and had awesome warships. Vikings
In the feudal class system, ______ were the group of peasants that could not lawfully leave the place they were born even though they were not slaves. Serf
A lord's estate was called a _______. Manor
The economic system that rested on a set of rights and obligations between The Lord and his serfs was the _______ system. Manor
______ were rewarded with fiefs from the lords estates and them used the wealth from those fiefs to devote their lives to war and training. Knights
What are the 3 parts that make up the code of chivalry? Devoted himself to earthly feudal lord His heavenly lord His chosen lady
Much of medieval literature ___________ the brutality of warfare and ___________ knighthood and chivalry. Downplayed, glorified
A woman's status actually declined due to feudalism limiting the woman's role to the _____ and ________ Home, convent
As far as the Church authority went, the Church sought to influence ___________ and ___________ matters. Spiritual , political
The head of the church was the _________ Pope
The _______ was the stable force during constant wars and political turmoil in the early Middle Ages. Church
The important religious ceremonies that priests administered for people to obtain salvation were called _____________ Sacraments
What was cannon law and who used cannon law as power over political rulers? Law of the church, pope
The __________________ emerged after Charlemagne and was the strongest that arose from the runs of his kingdom. Holy Roman Empire
The ceremony of _______________ was where kings and nobles appointed church officials and it caused friction between the Church and kings. Lay investiture
Who banned lay investiture? Pope Gregory VII
The massive structures called _________ showed evidence of the Church's wealth. Cathedrals
The new style of Cathedrals was called ______ and it consisted of ceilings that thrusts upward and huge stained-glass windows Gothics
The Age of Faith also inspired wars of conquests called _______ Crusades
The whole point of the Crusades was to gain control of _____________ from the Muslim leader _______. Holy Land, Muslims Turks
Richard the Lion hearted led to the ____________ Crusade to recapture Jerusalem from the Muslim leader _______. 3rd and 4th, Saladin
Who used Inquisition to unify their country under Christianity and to consolidate and their power? Ferdinand, Isabella
List some of the positive changes that occurred in medieval society. Agricultural improved, pop. Increased, trade expanded, twins emerged, and universities arose
Growing trade and cities brought a new interest I learning which brought about a new institution for learning called the _________. University
What were 2 goals that English kings tried to achieve. Hold and strengthen French lands, strengthen their own power over the nobles and church officials
The English king Henry II added to his land holdings by marrying _______ of Aquitaine. Eleanor
Henry II also introduced the use of a _____ in English courts. Jury
The ____________ was a document that guaranteed certain basic political rights. Common law
Louis created a ________________ which would overturn the decisions of local courts. French appeals court
The French pope and the roman pope caused the split between the Church known as the ____________. Great Schism
The ________________ was launched by Edward III because he wanted the French throne. 100 year war
Results of the 100 year war. Religion devotion crumbled and code of chivalry crumbled
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