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Mesopotamia Review

Which two land features gave Mesopotamia its name? Tigris & Euphrates River
Why did Mesopotamians build canals? Control the river's flow
Who was the link between the Sumerians and the gods? priests
Form of writing using wedge-shaped symbols Cuneiform
Main reason the ziggurats were tall to honor the gods
Why did Mesopotamians build walls around the city? to protect the people from attack
Technology the Hittites & Assyrian used in battle iron weapons and chariots
Group of people that grew more powerful due to trad rather than fighting Phoenicians
Item that Phoenicians used for trading cedar wood
This person's army defeated all the city-sates of Sumer and conquered northern Mesopotamia Sargon I
legendary Sumerian literature figure Gilgamesh
What was located in the Sumerian city centers temples
After the the death of Sargon which city-state rose to power? Ur
set of letters that can be combined to form words alphabet
wheeled, horse-drawn battle cart chariot
ruler of a kingdom or empire monarch
long poems that tell the story of a hero epic
picture symbols used for written communications pictographs
division of society by rank or class social hierarchy
worship of many gods polytheism
located in the countryside rural
way of supplying water to an area of land irrigation
large arc of farmland Fertile Crescent
city area urban
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