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Byzantine EmpireR

chapter 11 section 1

Constantinople the "New Rome"; established as capital of the Eastern Empire in 330 AD by Constantine;lasted nearly 1000 years carrying on the "glory of Rome"
Justinian became emperor in 527 AD and restored most of the land in the West (Africa/Italy) that had been lost to invaders
Justinian code a single, uniform code consisting of four works: Codes, Digest, Institutes, and Novellae whose purpose was to unify a complex society
Greek official language of the Byzantine Empire & Orthodox faith
Major accomplishments of Justinian
Hagia Sophia means “Holy Wisdom” in Greek; many visitors hailed it as the most splendid church in the Christian world.
Accomplishments of the Byzantine Empire
Hippodrome arena built for free public entertainment: races & performances, similar to the Coliseum in Rome
The "Plague" arrived on ships from India infested with rats;in 542, the worst year, 10,000 people were dying every day
Examples of Byzantine diplomacy used bribes, diplomacy, political marriages, and military power to keep their enemies at bay.
Schism in 1054, the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church divided over religious doctrines
Slavs hunter-foragers who migrated from the steppes of the Black Sea region to settle in E. Europe & the Balkan region
Icons religious images used by Eastern Christians to aid their devotions (similar to rosary); banned by Emperor Leo III in 730 AD, leading to riots and rebellion by clergy and opposition from the Pope who supported their usage
Cyrillic Alphabet writing system created by Eastern missionaries St. Cyril and St. Methodius to translate the Bible into Slavic tongue and convert Russian people to Orthodox Christianity
Battle of Manzikert Seljuk Turk victory that began the gradual loss of territory in Asia Minor to Muslim armies
Effect of the 4rth Crusade on Byzantine
Boyars nobles and military leaders of Kievan Rus who elected the grand prince and governed the city-state
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