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Promotion Safety

Chapter 13 Review

Way in which the body moves and maintains balance while making the most efficient use of all its parts. Body Mechanics
The four main reasons for using good body mechanics are: 1.muscles work work best when used correctly 2.correct us of muscles makes lifting, pulling, and pushing easier. 3.Correct application of body mechanics prevent fatigue and strain, and saves energy 4.Correct application of body mechanis prevents injury
6 out of 8 or 75% of injuries on the job involve a back injury
Highest rates of back injuries occur with health care workers
Do Not Bend at the waist
use your strongest muscles to do the job. These muscles are located in the shoulders, upper arms, hips, and thighs
use the weight of your body to help push,pull,slide,or roll an object rather than lifting it
lift with a smooth motion. Do not jerk
Before you lift clear a pathway
avoid twisting your body as you work
change direction by pivoting
avoid bending for long periods of time and solve repetitive problems
If an object is bulky or heavy always ask for help
if you are not sure if you can lift an object ask for help
Do not slouch
Use your arms to sit or rise from a chair
a device that is strongly recomended for any job description where lifting is involved is a back support
The support should be of correct size and should be tightened when performing strenuous tasks
Many employers will provide them at no cost to you
If you are injured, even slightly, report the injury to your supervisor and fill out an incident report
Seven Rivers Hospital uses a (HOR)- Hospital Occurance Record
Do not perform any procedure unless you have been instructed on the correct technique
Before Operating major pieces of equipment read and follow operating instructions
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