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Vargo Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Vargo Review

notebook of complaints cashiers
#1 cause of French Revolution bankruptcy
he developed a better gun powder Dupont
American who convinced France to help with the American Revolution Ben Franklin
French admiral who helped to defeat British at Yorktown DeGrasse
group of 5 who ruled France from 1795-1799 The Directory
3rd Estate Promise to establish a constitution Tennis Court Oath
prison fortress in Paris Bastille
approved device for executions Guillotine
French National Anthem "La Marseillaise"
motto of the French Revolution Fraternity, Liberty, Equality
headed the committee of public safety Robespierre
Paris Palace where Louis XVI was under house arrest Tulleries
whiff of grapeshot Napoleon
French propagandist who edited a revolutionary newsletter Marat
leader of the American forces in the Battle of Lake Erie Perry
period from 1793-94, 25,000 executed Reign of Terror
bought the Louisiana Territory Robert Livingston
date of Louisiana Purchase 1813
date of Battle of Waterloo 1815
# of members making up the French Consulate 3
island where Napoleon was banished after the Battle of Nations Elba
island where Napoleon was banished after Waterloo/died St. Helena
President who authorized the Louisiana Purchase Jefferson
Spirits of the Law 1748 Montesquie
treaty ending the War of 1812 Treaty of Ghent
French Government from 1799-1804 Consulate
American who led battle of New Orleans Jackson
Radical Group of 12 Committee of Public safety
The Russian Calvary Cossacks
Russian Military Technique Scorched Earth
Napoleon's greatest battle victory Austerlitz
archaeological find after the Battle of the Nile Rosetta Stone
American sailors forced to serve in British navy impresment
Alliance of Britain, France, Prussia, Russia and Austria Concert of Europe
bread-a better ration for French soldiers hard tack
British Admiral who defeated Napoleon in 2 naval battles Horatio Nelson
where the French fleet was destroyed by the British Tafalger
Napoleon's 3 month reign was called this Hundred Days
queen of France "the Austrian Wench" Marie Antoinette
proudest accomplishment of Napoleon Napoleonic Code
French King after my time the flood will come" Louis XV
1799 Battle where Napoleon was defeated in Egypt Battle of the Nile
Napoleon's first wife Josephine
French king after Napoleon's banishment Louis XVIII
defeated Napoleon at Waterloo Duke of Wellington
translated the Rosetta Stone Champollion
Isle where Napoleon was born Corsica
radical political club Jacobins
Jewish banker Rothchilds
cathedral where Napoleon crowned himself Emperor Notre Dame
city that Napoleon fought the Battle of Nations Leipzig
working class French Sans Culotte
72 years old Russian General Kutazov
french Group called together in 1789 1st since 1614 Estates General
deal between Pope Pius VII & Napoleon Concordat of 1801
French ruling family after the Battle of Nations Bourbon
statue at Taalgar Square Horatio Nelson
kingdom of Napoleon to replace the Holy roman Empire Westphalia
Author of War and Peace Tolstoy
French Government 1792-1795 National Convention
American President who fled the white house in 1812 Madison
French nobles who fled France during the revolution Emigres
1791 proclamation:encouraged restoring the French Monarchy Declaration of Pilnitz
French Revolution began July 14, 1789
Haitian Military Leader The Black Napoleon Loviverture
kingdom established in Prussia Poland Duchy of Warsaw
Russian Czar who defied Napoleon's Continental System Alexander 1
French dauphin who died in prison Louis XVII
French King beheaded in 1793 Louis XVI
Represented GB at the Congress Vienna Castlereagh
Treaty between France and GB Amiens
Hit and Run raids Guerrilla Warfare
Ruler to sep down or relinquish power Abdicate
Nationality of Countess Walewska Polish
38 States plus Austria German Confederation
Number of depts Napoleon divided gov into 83
Brother who piloted the first hot air balloon Montgolfier
Prussian General at Waterloo Von Blucher
Alliance of countries at Battle of Morengo 2nd Coalition
Let them eat cake Marie Antoinette
Robespierre right hand man Danton
Last battle fought in Switzerland Zurich
Chairman of the Congress of Vienna Metternich
Counter Revolution in 1974 Thermadorian Reaction
Baroness Orczy novel The Scarlet Pimpernel
Declaration of Independence Lives, Fortunes, Scared Honor
Diplomat who saved France at Congress of Vienna Talleyrand
Treaty that set up the Continental System Tilsit
Road with no side streets Boulevard
Napoleons 2nd wife Marie Louise
Austrian Emperor who issued the Declaration of Pilnitz Leopold ll
1777 US Battle against the British Saratoga
Murdered by Charlotte Corday Marat
French noble lead army in American Revolution Lafayette
Gov of US in1781 Articles of Confederation
Surrendered at Yorktown Cornwalis
Primary author of the US Constitution Madison
Grandfather of the bill of rights Mason
French artist who painted scenes from the Revolution David
Francis Scott Key Star Spangled Banner
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