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Quran Test #2

Terms for Qu'ran Test #2

Yusuf Joseph from the Bible Q12
Kahin sooth sayer, or a priest
‘Isa the name that is used to refer to Jesus in the Qur’an
Tafsir Arabic word a genre for exegesis or commentaries of the Quran
Noldeke Published a book about the Qur’an in 1860 which became the foundation for all later Qur’anic studies; giant in the field of Qur’anic studies
Zulaykha The wife of the Egyptian who bought Joseph and tried to seduce him
Exegesis interpretation of a text; commentary
Nabi Prophet; Muslims believe in all the Biblical prophets: Jonah, Noah, Joseph, Abraham, etc.
rasul Messengers whom God communicated and created through; all messengers are prophets but not all prophets are messengers
Maryam Mary, Jesus’ mother
Ismail Abraham’s first son (from his marriage to Sarah’s handmaiden Hagar)
Bani Israil “Children of Israel”; Qur’anic term for Israelites and the Jews which is interchangeable sometimes with “People of the Book”
Ahl al-Kitab People of the Book or ‘Scripture People’ (mainly Jews and Christians); those who believe in God and the Last Day and do good deeds and will have nothing to fear or regret
Zam zam well the site of a spring in Mecca that miraculously sprang forth; water from this well is a blessed water used to cure “whatever it is drunk for”
Yahud This is the Arabic word for “Jews”
Nasara from the syriac world meaning “Nazarenes’ (Jesus’ hometown in Galilee)
Sayyid Qutb one of the major 20th century exegetes from Egypt
Al-mu’minun mentioned in Q23; deals with the fundamentals of faith, tawhid, Risalah and judgment
Din, deen (relig service, devotion) the path along which pious Muslims travel in order to comply with the divine law
Masih Arabic word for Messiah (Christ)
wali, awliya’ (5:51) relationship between Muslims and the People of the Book
umma wahida (5: 48) (the "One Community") refers to all of the Islamic world unified
rabb Lord
Ahl al-Injil Gospel People, Q5:47
Hagar, Hajara Mother of Ismail; was the handmaiden of Sarah, but gave birth to Ismail with Abraham and then was later casted out of their house because Sarah wanted her to leave
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