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Post-Roman World

The Byzantine Empire and the Medieval World

Roman Catholic Church the Christian church headed by the pope in Rome
Eastern Orthodox Church the Christian church that split from the Catholic church during the Byzantine Empire
bubonic plague a deadly bacteria responsible for the Black Death of the 1300s; transmitted by fleas living on infested rats
Crusades Christian campaigns to retake the holy lands from Muslims
Magna Carta a written legal agreement signed in 1215 that limited the English monarch's power; established the principal of limited government
Hundred Years War a series of battles fought between France and England from 1337 and 1453; contributed to the end of feudalism
Byzantine Empire the name for the eastern Roman Empire; located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia; it lasted from about 500 to 1453 C.E.
feudalism the economic and political system that developed in Europe during the Middle Ages; a system where a monarch provided social order and protection in return for loyalty
clergy the body of people, such as priests, who perform the sacred functions of the church
schism a formal division in a church or religious body
Holy Land the area between Egypt and Syria that was the ancient homeland of Jews and a place where Jesus had lived; Jerusalem, a holy city to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, is located here
mosque a Muslim house of worship
synagogue a Jewish house of worship
Qur'an the holy book of the religion of Islam; also spelled Koran
caliph a title taken by Muslim rulers who claimed religious authority to rule
Islam the religious faith of Muslims; also the civilization based on the Islamic religion and the group of modern countries where Islam is the main religion
Muhammad the main prophet of the Islamic faith
prophet a person who speaks or interprets for God to other people
Muslim a follower of the Islamic faith
Justinian's Code Legal code established by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian that consolidated and simplified old Roman laws, expanded rights for women, and became the basis for future legal codes in the western world.
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