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Chap 11/12

gonad/o sex glands o
home/o sameness o
iod/o iodine o
kal/i potassium o
ket/o ketones o
mineral/o minerals, electrolytes o
natr/o sodium o
ophthalm/o eye o
ovari/o ovary o
pancreat/o pancreas o
parathyroid/o parathyroid gland o
pineal/o pineal gland o
pituitar/o pituitary gland o
testicul/o testes o
thym/o thymus gland o
thyr/o thyroid gland o
thyroid/o thyroid gland o
toxic/o poison o
acr/o extremities o
adren/o adrenal glands o
adrenal/o adrenal glands o
andr/o male o
calc/o calcium o
crin/o to secrete o
estr/o female o
gluc/o glucose o
glyc/o sugar o
glycos/o sugar o
-dipsia -thirst
-prandial -relating to a meal
-pressin -to press down
-tropin -to stimulate
aden/o gland o
chem/o drug o
cortic/o outer portion o
cyt/o cell o
gynec/o female o
immun/o protection o
lapar/o abdomen o
lob/o lobe o
mast/o breast o
neur/o nerve o
or/o mouth o
radi/o ray o
retin/o retina o
vas/o vessel o
-graphy -process of recording
-ism -state of
-ia -condition
-meter -instrument to measure
-scopy --procedure to visually examine
endo- within-
ex- outward-
pan- all-
antithyroid agents blocks prod. of thyroid hormones
corticosteroids strong anti-inflammatory
human growth hormone therapy hormone replacement to stimulate skeletal growth
insulin replaces insulin in diabetic patients
oral hypoglycemic patients causes decrease in blood sugar
thyroid replacement hormone hormone replacement for hypothyroidism patients or for those who have had a thyroidectomy
vasopressin controls diabetes and promotes reabsorption of water in the kidney tubules
alges/o sense of pain o
astr/o star o
cephal/o head o
cerebell/o cerebellum o
cerebr/o cerebrum o
clon/o rapid contracting and relaxing o
dur/o dura matter o
encephal/o brain o
esthes/o sensation, feeling o
gli/o glue o
medull/o medulla oblongata o
mening/o meninges o
meningi/o meninges o
myel/o spinal cord o
neur/o nerve o
poli/o gray matter o
pont/o pons o
radicul/o nerve root o
thalam/o thalamus o
thec/o sheath (meninges) o
ton/o tone o
ventricul/o brain ventricle o
-paresis -weakness
-phasia -speech
-plegia -paralysis
-taxia -muscle condition
-trophic -pertaining to development
angi/o vessel o
arteri/o artery o
electr/o electricity o
isch/o to hold back o
later/o side o
lumb/o low back o
my/o muscle o
scler/o hard o
spin/o spine o
tom/o to cut o
vascul/o blood vessel o
-algia -pain
-asthenia -weakness
-cele -protrusion
epi- above-
hemi- half-
para- abnormal, 2 parts of a pair
semi- partial-
sub- below-
un- not-
analgesic treats minor to moderate pain w/o loss of consciousness
anasthetic loss of sensation or loss of consciousness
anticonvulsant controls seizures
dopaminergic drugs replaces dopamine. treats Parkinsins
hypnotic promotes sleep
narcotic analgesic opiates. treats severe pain....potential to be habit forming
sedative relaxing or calming effect
axon aspect of the neuron...conducts thr impulse to the destination
dendrite aspect of the neuron....recieves impulses
cell body part of a neuron
myelin insulator...white. Makes impulses go faster. Wraps around axon.
delirium state of mental confusion w/ lack of orientation to time and space
dementia progressive impairment of intellectual function
aura sensations that occur before an epileptic seizure or migraine headache
meninges layer dura mater, arachnoid, pia mater
palsy temporary or permanent loss of ability to control movement
plegia vs. paresis paralysis/weakness
syncope fainting
vertigo dizzy
meninges protective sac for CNS
paresthesia abnormal sensations...tingling, burning
tremor involuntary repetitive movements
convulsion severe involuntary muscle contractions and relaxations
hydrocephalus water on the brain
Bell's Palsy inflammation of a facial nerve one side of face
Alzheiner's type of dementia....loss of memory
Parkinson's decrease of dopamine...tremors, weakness, shufflinf gait
Reye's Syndrome kids...have had a viral infection...took aspirin. Encephalopathy and organ damage
concussion brain shaken
shingles inflammed nerves, blisters
CVA cerebrovascular accident....stroke
multiple sclerosis permanent, destruction of myelin....weakness and numbness
Guillain-Barre temporary....nerves lose myelin cover. Reactions slow down.
Lou Gehrig's degeneration of motor neurons of spinal cord
myesthenia gravis insufficient neurotransmitters at a synapse
lumbar puncture take out spinal fluid between L4 andL5
positron emission tomography (PET) looks at brain metabolism and glucose in the brain
cerebral angiography x-ray of blood vessels. Uses dye
seizure sudden attack of severe muscular contractions
spina bifida vertebra didn't fuse. Born with it.
meningocele protrding meninges
myelomeningocele protruding meninges and spinal cord
hypercalcemia too much calcium in the blood
hypernatremia too much sodium in the blood
hyperglycemia too much sugar in the blood
pineal gland in thalamus...wake, sleep cycles
adrenal gland top of kidney...secretes adrenaline
pancreas...part of which 2 body systems digestive, endocrine
GH growth hormone
FSH follicle stimulating hormone
LH leutinizing hormone
TSH thyroid stimulating hormone
hirsutism too much body hair
gynecomastia man boobs
acromegaly too much GH as an adult
gigantism too much GH as a child
tetany low calcium
cretinism born with it. Low thyroid as a child
Type 1 DM insulin dependent. Early onset
Type 2 DM non-insulin dependent. Later onset
exophthalmos hyperthyroid. Bulging eyes
diabetic retinopathy destroying the retina. DM complication
cephalalgia headache
polydipsia excessive thirst
dysphasia difficulty communicating verbally or in writing
quadriplegia paralysis of all 4 limbs
paraplegia paralysis of lower portion of the body
thymoma thyroid tumor
thyromegaly large thyroid
neuralgia nerve pain
CSF cerebrospinal fluid
echo ultrasound
peripheral neuropathy DM complication...damage to nerves in lower legs and hands
ketoacidosis DM complication...excessive ketone bodies (waste products)
dwarfism abnormally small. hereditary or endocrine dysfunction
myxedema hypothyroid...anemia, slow speech, enlarged tongue and facial features
adrenaline hormone secreted by adrenal medulla. AKA epinephrine
epinephrine hormone secreted by adrenal medulla. AKA adrenaline
pancreas gland in endocrine system. Produces insulin and glucagon
pituitary gland master gland
gonads organs responsble for producing sex cells
thymus in mediastinum. immune function and development of antibodies.
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